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Brewers Offer Fan Value Corner

April 13th 2009

Q. What are you seeing in the way of sports teams communicating ticket specials to fans?  Same old discounts or is there anything new to report?

A. The Milwaukee Brewers have created a “Fan Value Corner” on its website that includes everything from Kids and Senior Citizens Discount Days to a Brewers-State Fair Double Header Deal and concessions discounts.

The value offers and website page are well done, nicely tie-in sponsors, and highlight the Brewers season-long offers.  It’s a nice presentation and a great strategy Brewers’ fans will likely appreciate.

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Sports Team Anniversary Celebrations

April 6th 2009

Q. In preparation for our school commemorating the 50-year anniversary of our arena. Do you know of other athletic programs that have celebrated anniversaries for a sport or facility and strategies they executed?

A. Ironically, I answered a similar question about sports team anniversaries this same week last year. I shared two examples you can access here. In addition, Here’s the Mountain West Conference’s 10th Anniversary page, the NFL’s 50th anniversary of the American Football League page, The Port Credit Hockey Association’s 50th Anniversary page, and the page for the Anaheim Convention Center’s celebration of its 40th Anniversary and the arena’s rededication last year.

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Inaugural Event Marketing

September 22nd 2008

Q. We will be hosting a first-time golf tournament fundraiser that we’re hopeful will be an in-going annual fundraiser.  Some committee members are encouraging us to state “First Annual Golf Tournament” in our advertising so people know this will be an annual event.  I’d prefer “inaugural” versus “first annual.” What do you recommend?

A. I recommend using “inaugural” because that’s exactly what it is, and next year’s event would be the “second annual.” It’s not an annual event until year two and beyond.

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Gas With Ticket Purchase

August 11th 2008

Q. With gas prices being so high, it seems many businesses are giving away gas as well as conducting enter to win contests for scooters. Have sports teams jumped on this promotion as well?

A. These days, we might be more hard-pressed to find a business that isn’t offering an enter-to-win gas or scooter contest. The Texas Rangers began offering free gas with each ticket purchase back in June and are running this ticket promotion through Aug 24.

You can access this promotion and other single-game ticket promotions the Rangers are offering here.

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Teams Commemorating an Anniversary

April 7th 2008

Q. Could you share one or two examples of sports team celebrating team anniversaries and strategies they’re implementing to commemorate the team’s anniversary?

A. I’m sharing two links below from the Arizona Diamondback’s 10th anniversary and the Oakland A’s 40th anniversary, both being celebrated this season.

On the A’s anniversary page, they have an all-time roster, the top 40 moments, team history and stats, and game giveaways include 40th anniversary DVDs, retro caps, and retro jerseys from each decade. (more…)

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Men’s Basketball Marketing Plan

September 24th 2007

Q. We would like to create a new men’s marketing plan and hoping you could share any insights you may have or samples you could share to assist us with developing our plan. Where do we get started?

A. One place you could start is with a resource the NCAA offers, “How to create a Marketing Plan,” which outlines each of the elements of a successful marketing plan. (more…)

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Five Marketing and Promotions Themes

May 21st 2007

Q. We brainstorm a variety of themes for our sports teams every year, and it seems like we recycle the same list of marketing and promotions themes whenever we have our annual brainstorm session. Could you provide a list of 3-5 themes that are not as common among sports teams?

A. Great questions and not sure if I can, but I’ll give it a shot. Here are five to consider: (more…)

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Cross Promotions among Sports

May 9th 2007

Q. Many times when two teams are doing well, we don’t think of promoting the success of each team by cross promoting the two sports. What do you think of this idea?

A. So true. When a team is doing well, it’s almost as if some sports execs coast, enjoy the moment, and live for the moment versus taking advantage of the team’s success and leveraging the team’s success for other teams or for future fans. (more…)

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Baseball & Softball Easter Eggs Hunt

April 2nd 2007

Q. As basketball wraps up and our attention turns to college baseball and softball, what Easter weekend promotions do you recommend for increasing attendance at ball games?

A. The Burlington Bees – whose slogan is “Get Stung by the Fun” – are having an Easter Egg Hunt that includes 5,000 Easter eggs, which the Bees and the Burlington Rotary partnered to make available for kids.  In addition, kids will have an opportunity to take a picture with the Easter Bunny at the game. (more…)

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Promoting a Sold Out Event

February 14th 2007

Q. We will have our first sellout in years and I’d like to know a few strategies you’d recommend for promoting this sellout?

A. Many times when a sports team sells out an event, they don’t advertise.  However, I recently was reading the newspaper and noticed a sports team did just the opposite when it advertised its “sold out” event. (more…)

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Successful Marketing Strategies Implemented

January 16th 2007

Q. Are there any marketing, promotions or advertising strategies that have been implemented during the NFL Playoffs that could be successful strategies college athletics could implement next fall?

A. I’ve been able to catch bits and pieces of games, and a few things have stood out that I thought were pretty neat strategies this past weekend. (more…)

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Increase in Cross-Promotions

December 13th 2006

Q. There has been a noticeable increase in cross-over promotions between ESPN and ABC programming, as well as Disney-theme parks and ESPN. Is this a strategy more professional sports teams – that have multiple businesses under one umbrella – should adopt?

A. I have noticed an increase in cross-promotions among Disney-owned properties and believe it’s been well done for the most part.

Professional sports, as well as college and amateur sports, most definitely could benefit from this business strategy and many of those I’ve had the pleasure of working with do a nice job of leveraging their businesses and assets.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Halloween Advertising

October 31st 2006

Q. What are some of the best advertising headlines or catchy one-liners used in sports advertising – or in general – leading up to Halloween?

A. A couple of the Halloween advertising one-liners I remember included Spooktacular Savings and Monster Sale; nothing out of the ordinary.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Advertising on Hotel Keys

August 17th 2006

Q. I’ve received promotional material for advertising on hotel keys. Do you feel this is good advertising for a sports team?

A. I’ve received my share of hotel keys with advertisements on them. Very few have included sports team advertisements. The Colonial Athletic Association has done a nice job of including this advertising inventory in its partnership agreement with the Richmond Marriott, which is the host hotel for the annual CAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. It’s a great way to advertise the tournament to its guest, and compliments the hotel window and floor decals, and other hotel assets that promote the basketball tournament.

Unless you have a trade agreement with a hotel, I wouldn’t recommend investing money in the hotel room key advertising. It does tie in well with hotels that are the host hotel for sports tournaments and similar events, but not the best use of advertising dollars if your objective is to sell tickets to regular-season sporting events. There are other ways you could tap into hotels as a way to advertise your home schedule and opportunities to purchase tickets.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Not So Obvious Promotions Strategies

June 20th 2006

Q. What are some not so obvious promotions strategies that cost little or no money that we could easily implement in an effort to increase our visibility and awareness?

A. Here are five strategies you could consider using to increase your visibility and awareness by promoting your weekly events: Fax cover sheets, e-mail signatures, vendor invoices, snipe on soft drink vending machines, and business reader boards around town.

Each of the above suggested areas could be used each week to promote your sporting events, or to promote a special ticket offer.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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