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Approach to Selling Premium Seating

November 30th 2006

Q. What are your thoughts on selling premium, and in particular luxury suite season tickets, and packages when your team has a history of poor performance on the field? I am looking at it as the same approach for season tickets. Any comments?

A. The general sales approach I emphasize is doing your research (the prospect and their business or organization); and then meeting with the person – preferably in your arena so they can tour and experience premium seating and suite areas – asking questions, listening and addressing the needs of the prospect.

A few important points are to ensure you qualify your prospect by asking questions that will answer whether this is a solid prospect (and decision maker) for you premium seating or suites.

Second, if they are a solid lead, your goal should be to get them to your arena for a meeting or for an event (events sell tickets) to see and experience the premium seating area, and to receive a “behind the scenes” tour of the facilities where “only the VIPs investing in premium packages” have access.

Next, determine how many of those premium seats they’d like to invest in and don’t forget to ask for referrals (if the time feels right). At the very least, ask where they work so you can come back around with a group offer at the appropriate time.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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