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Monthly eNewsletter Recommendation

August 18th 2008

Q. What electronic newsletter company would you recommend to someone with the desire to create a new monthly electronic newsletter?

A. I recommend you check out Constant Contact. It’s user-friendly and many small and large companies, as well as individuals, groups and associations use it.

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Song Lists for Sporting Events

August 13th 2007

Q. Is there a website, book, newsletter or another resource that lists popular songs that would be beneficial for college athletics when choosing songs for sporting events?

A. Years ago I had the same question and a friend referred me to The Green Book of Songs, which proved to be a great resource for music.  The Green Book of Songs – whether you choose to purchase the book or access online – has over 112,000 songs.  You can chek out the website here.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Athletics Business Magazines

July 2nd 2007

Q. What athletic business magazines would you recommend for someone starting in athletic business?

A. There are two “athletic” business magazines I’m aware of and read, and they are Athletic Business and Athletics Management. (more…)

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