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The NCAA Tournament versus NBA Playoffs

April 28th 2008

Q. In your job, you likely follow both the NCAA Basketball Tournament as well as the NBA Playoffs.  Which do you prefer as a fan and why?

A. That’s a great question since I genuinely enjoy each of them.

I also have a similar feeling with golf and other events I have the opportunity to do. Friends and associates will inevitably hear me say, “I’m just happy to be here,” even after slicing a ball into the woods. I enjoy the opportunity to attend any sporting event, and especially enjoy the opportunity to play most sports. (more…)

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Keeping Up with News and Trends

April 21st 2008

Q. How do you keep up with breaking news and trends in the sports business?
A. When in the office or while traveling, I read newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and the Sports Business Daily and Journal.
I also receive news alerts and newsletters via email that I read daily on various subjects.
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Alabama Athletics Brick Campaign

April 14th 2008

Q. Could you share a best practice for a brick campaign that a college athletics program is implementing, or has implemented in the past for raising funds for a building project?

A. Here is a link to the University of Alabama’s “Crimson Terrace Brick Campaign.”  The website page outlines the campaign, provides picture illustrations, an order form, FAQ, guidelines, the donation levels, and pictures of the various layouts fans can consider for designing their bricks.
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Teams Commemorating an Anniversary

April 7th 2008

Q. Could you share one or two examples of sports team celebrating team anniversaries and strategies they’re implementing to commemorate the team’s anniversary?

A. I’m sharing two links below from the Arizona Diamondback’s 10th anniversary and the Oakland A’s 40th anniversary, both being celebrated this season.

On the A’s anniversary page, they have an all-time roster, the top 40 moments, team history and stats, and game giveaways include 40th anniversary DVDs, retro caps, and retro jerseys from each decade. (more…)

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