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Maintaining a Positive Attitude

November 3rd 2008

Q. How do you maintain a positive attitude during challenging times?

A. I understand there will be challenges sprinkled in with all the fun stuff, and I try to do my very best to anticipate the challenges and deal with them the best I can.

I’ve always believed that things happen – good and not so good – for a reason, and so I accept whatever is thrown my way. (more…)

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Adjusting to Frequent Travel

May 5th 2008

Q. Based on your business, you likely travel frequently and I’m hopeful you could share how someone who is beginning to travel frequently can adjust to frequent trips.

A. Making the adjustment from no travel, or light travel, to frequent travel is something that takes time to adjust for many people. It’s definitely an adjustment, both mentally and physically.

Like anything else, though, it’s all in how you prepare yourself and the attitude you choose. (more…)

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Focus on Each of Your Greetings

May 3rd 2006

Q. What sales quotes, books, tips and resources do you recommend for a first-year sales executive who’s eager to learn and practice sales skills each day?

A. Here’s answer three of five for the above question (which we will continue to address each day this week):

I once heard Zig Ziglar encourage his audience to focus on greetings – each time you say “hello” and each time you say “goodbye.” He encouraged the group to show enthusiasm, passion, eye contact and let the other person – or persons – you’re greeting know you’re present in the moment…as if they’re the only person (or persons) who matter at that very moment.

It’s simple, but when you genuinely execute, it’s awfully impressive and positive for all involved.

Give it a shot today, then tomorrow and each day for at least a few weeks until it becomes a habit. I think you’ll see it makes a difference in not only your selling, but in all your interactions.

I hope you have an awesome day!


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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