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Books on Selling

November 16th 2006

Q. What would be the first book you feel a person new to sales should read to improve her sales skills?

A. I’d actually recommend two books – “Little Red Book of Selling,” by Jeffrey Gitomer and “The Certifiable Salesperson,” by Tom Hopkins and Laura Laaman. Both are filled with a lot of golden nuggets that would help a first-time as well as seasoned sales executive.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Online Resources to Improve Sales

May 29th 2006

Q. What would be a few of the best online resources for a sales executive interested in improving in sales?

A. I’d recommend you start with Jeffrey Gitomer. He’s written some great books, has some quality online resources, and offers a terrific (and free) ezine you can access from his web site here. The second online resource I would recommend is SellingPower, which has various complimentary eNewsletters and some terrific online resources and articles you can check out here.

SellingPower also offers SellingPower Live, a CD series – hosted by Jeffrey Gitomer – which is in its 10th year. A new CD is produced and shipped to you via mail monthly.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Three Complimentary Sales eNewsletters

May 5th 2006

Q. What sales quotes, books, tips and resources do you recommend for a first-year sales executive who’s eager to learn and practice sales skills each day?

A. Here’s the final installment – five of five – for the above question (which we addressed each day this week):

Check out and consider signing up for one or more of the following three complimentary online sales newsletters that will consistently provide you with sales tips and strategies that you can practice and implement to improve your sales skills.

If time permits, check out the newsletter archives for any challenges you may be experiencing or areas you may want to address.  Each has some terrific resources.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Complimentary Sales Caffeine Newsletter

Tom Hopkin’s Complimentary Newsletter

Zig Ziglar’s Complimentary Newsletter

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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