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Prospects of Running Another Marathon

May 24th 2007

Q. You were contemplating running another marathon. Have you made a decision whether you’ll run another one?

A. I didn’t think I’d ever run another marathon, especially the time (as well as the pain) I had to invest in the first, but I felt pretty motivated the day after I completed my first to run a second one. However, I’ve come to the conclusion my body wasn’t made for the long miles and the amount of pounding my body would need to take to train for and run a second marathon. (more…)

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I Likely Won’t Run A Second Marathon

March 23rd 2007

Q. Will you ever run another marathon?

A. I’ve been running, and although I enjoy the short daily runs, and the challenge of getting in shape, I don’t believe I’ll run another full marathon.

I’ve read and heard stories about how bad marathon training and running can be for the average person’s body. (more…)

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I Enjoyed My First Marathon Experience

June 7th 2006

Q. How did you do in the marathon last week?

A. I’m happy to report I enjoyed finishing my first marathon this past weekend. I’m still sore, but I’ll take soreness and pain over disappointment any time.


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