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Alabama Athletics Brick Campaign

April 14th 2008

Q. Could you share a best practice for a brick campaign that a college athletics program is implementing, or has implemented in the past for raising funds for a building project?

A. Here is a link to the University of Alabama’s “Crimson Terrace Brick Campaign.”  The website page outlines the campaign, provides picture illustrations, an order form, FAQ, guidelines, the donation levels, and pictures of the various layouts fans can consider for designing their bricks.
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Creating a Sports Fundraising Auction

February 25th 2008

Q. We’re considering the creation of a fundraising auction.  What do you think of this idea and are there any successful sports auctions you could refer us to consider as a best practice for our event?

A. Auctions have proven over the years to be great fundraisers for sports teams, and one great example to share with you is the Chicago Bulls’ annual FestaBulls dinner auction, which is in its 19th year.

Just click here and you’ll be able to review all the information on the auction, which will be hosted by the Bulls in April.  On this page you will find the news release, the dinner auction TV spot, the dinner auction registration form, and you’ll see the event has a title sponsor.
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New Wrinkle to Old Promotion

February 7th 2007

Q. What’s a new wrinkle I could add to our annual military appreciation night?

A. I’m not sure if this is a new wrinkle for your event or not, but it’s a fairly new strategy for sports teams; host a post-game player jersey auction with proceeds benefiting a local military charitable trust.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Creating a Brick Fund-raising Program

October 23rd 2006

Q. We’d like to start a brick fund-raising program.  Where do we start or do you have a best practice program you could share as a model for getting us started?

A. This is a great fund-raiser and I’m surprised more schools and sports teams don’t offer this to its fans, because it’s easy to execute and has great potential for generating revenue – for some organizations, substantial revenue.

One program I’d encourage you to review and consider modeling your program after would be the Chicago Cub’s Brick Paver Program. Notice the size of the walkway the Cubs have the ability to fill with the engraved bricks, as well as the opportunity fans have to buy an additional brick they can display at their home or office.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Unique Fund-raising Strategy

March 30th 2006

Q. What unique fund-raising programs would you recommend for 2006-07?

A. Here’s a neat idea to consider – Iowa has produced eight-inch Herky figurines for fans to purchase.  They produce 1,000 of each figurine and release from time to time, notifying fans when the new figurine in the series is available for purchase.  Check out golfer Herky which was released last June.

Your turn to take a shot!

What unique fund-raising programs have you created for the upcoming 2006-07 athletics season, or for your sports organization?

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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