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Practicing Voice Mail Messages

November 24th 2008

Q. As a ticket sales rep, my weakness is leaving voice mail messages and I’m wondering what advice you may have to assist me with improving?

A. Daily role-playing is one of the best practices for improving your technique and comfort level with successfully leaving effective voice mail messages. (more…)

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Assist Clients During Downturn

November 17th 2008

Q. During these times of economic downturn, what do you recommend to sports teams?

A. It’s important for team execs to always reach out throughout the year – but especially during this downturn of the economy – to corporate partners, season ticket holders, suite holders, and group leaders to offer your assistance. (more…)

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Value of Blogs Versus Status Updates

November 10th 2008

Q. What are your thoughts on the value of blogs versus social network status updates?

A. I’ve been blogging since 2006, posting hundreds of entries over that time.

I’ve only been involved in online social networks this year, and in all that time, I haven’t posted a “status update.” (more…)

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Maintaining a Positive Attitude

November 3rd 2008

Q. How do you maintain a positive attitude during challenging times?

A. I understand there will be challenges sprinkled in with all the fun stuff, and I try to do my very best to anticipate the challenges and deal with them the best I can.

I’ve always believed that things happen – good and not so good – for a reason, and so I accept whatever is thrown my way. (more…)

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