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Tickets as Gifts for Father’s Day

May 31st 2007

Q. We’d love to offer a Father’s Day gift card or Father/son ticket package this Father’s Day, as well as a Dad’s and Daughters or a Father/Son ticket special in the fall and winter during the football and basketball seasons. Baseball probably has the most success since Father’s Day falls during its season. Have football and basketball teams done well with these offers in the fall and winter, and if so, could you provide examples?

A. The father/son ticket special is ideal for college and professional baseball teams – as is a Dads and Daughters (don’t forget about those fathers who don’t have sons, and who may only have daughters!) – due to the timing of the baseball season. (more…)

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Pom Poms, Rally Towels or Bangers

May 30th 2007

Q. I was watching the Pistons-Cavs NBA Playoff game this past weekend and couldn’t help but notice the rally towels all the fans were waving. We have not used rally towels – only pom poms and bangers. Are rally towels making a comeback, and of the three, which do you feel are the most effective for exciting fans and distracting opponents?

A. I’m not sure if rally towels are making a comeback, but they’ve been popular for quite some time with the Minnesota Twins and its Homer Hanky as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers and its Terrible Towel. (more…)

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Field Trips to Sporting Events

May 29th 2007

Q. Schools and day cares often take field trips to the zoo or museums. Has any sports team been able to tap into school’s field trips, and if so, which sports teams have been successful offering field trip events?

A. Baseball has probably done the best of any of the sports at successfully offering field trips to schools. (more…)

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Season Ticket Referral Programs

May 28th 2007

Q. We’d like to create a referral program for our season ticket holders and would like some examples of existing programs in sports.  Could you share information on sports teams that offer season ticket referral programs?

A. Here are three links to referral programs for your review: (more…)

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Baseball Ticket Promotions

May 25th 2007

Q. What are some of the more creative ticket promotions and events that minor or major league baseball is doing that would be successful at the college level?

A. Here are five baseball ticket specials and events for your consideration: (more…)

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Prospects of Running Another Marathon

May 24th 2007

Q. You were contemplating running another marathon. Have you made a decision whether you’ll run another one?

A. I didn’t think I’d ever run another marathon, especially the time (as well as the pain) I had to invest in the first, but I felt pretty motivated the day after I completed my first to run a second one. However, I’ve come to the conclusion my body wasn’t made for the long miles and the amount of pounding my body would need to take to train for and run a second marathon. (more…)

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Creative Way to Drive Enter to Win Sign-Ups

May 23rd 2007

Q. We know one of the best ways to build a database is to offer enter to win contests to our fans, and hopefully we’ll capture the names and addresses of non-season ticket buyers. However, we struggle to get people to enter our contests. Who does it successfully and do you have an example of a creative way to increase our enter to win contestants so we can build our database? (more…)

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Bulls Eliminated by the Pistons

May 22nd 2007

Q. You were rooting for the Bulls, but they were eliminated by the Pistons.  Now who are you rooting for?

A. The Chicago Cubs of course!
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Five Marketing and Promotions Themes

May 21st 2007

Q. We brainstorm a variety of themes for our sports teams every year, and it seems like we recycle the same list of marketing and promotions themes whenever we have our annual brainstorm session. Could you provide a list of 3-5 themes that are not as common among sports teams?

A. Great questions and not sure if I can, but I’ll give it a shot. Here are five to consider: (more…)

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Drum Corps at Football

May 18th 2007

Q. As a sports fan, I have always enjoyed the drums and percussion section at college football and basketball games. I’ve noticed a growing trend among NBA basketball teams who now have a drum line or drum corps.  Why hasn’t the NFL picked up on this?

A. The popularity of a drum line or drum corps has reached the NFL. The Chicago Bears have the Drum Corp, which is presented by the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps of Rosemont, Illinois.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Offer Pictures Like Amusement Parks

May 17th 2007

Q. Whenever me and my family go to Disneyland, Disney World or a local amusement park, they usually have staff members near the entrance of the park taking our family’s picture. We the have the option to purchase the picture (or pictures, key chains and other items) at the end of the day. Have any sports teams picked up on this?

A. The Boston Red Sox are one team that offers Fan Photos on its website.  It’s a neat fan feature, opportunity to not only engage fans and increase revenue, but it’s also a great strategy to capture fan information.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Senior Citizen Group Ticket Nights

May 16th 2007

Q. Are sports teams offering senior citizen discounts or senior adult group nights, and if so, do you have any examples you could share?

A. Many sports teams, as well as arts and theater, offer Senior Citizen or Senior Adult group ticket events, as well as senior citizen ticket discounts.  Here are some examples from sports and entertainment: (more…)

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Alternative Strategy for Front Row Seats

May 15th 2007

Q. We usually sellout our front row seats, but recently had two sets of front row seats not renewed by season ticket holders. Instead of selling them to season ticket holders, what is a creative idea from a sports team on how they utilize front row seats other than traditionally selling to fans?

A. Although the Chicago Cubs sellout their games and have a waiting list for season ticket holders, they auction front row seats in the Dugout Box and Bullpen Box sections of Wrigley Field for selected games.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Kids Club Sponsors

May 14th 2007

Q. We would like to start a kids club and curious to know what companies – besides the obvious children’s toy and retail stores – have been ideal sponsors?

A. Here are six kid’s club programs – representing college athletics, minor league baseball, MLS, NBA, NFL, and NHL – with presenting sponsorships for you to review: (more…)

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Take Me Fishing Sweepstakes

May 11th 2007

Q. Could you provide a good example of an “enter to win” contest that does more than capture a name and address; it also captures demographic and other consumer information?

A. Check out the Sweepstakes, which is being sponsored by Triple-A baseball and Triton Boats. You can check out the ads here. It’s a neat promotion, but it also accomplishes your objective of obtaining more than simply a name and address with its form. (more…)

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Moving Tickets and Sponsor’s Products

May 10th 2007

Q. How can I create a promotion that both provide value to a sponsor while also helping us sell more tickets?

A. There are many ways to structure ticket promotions with sponsors that provide value to the sponsor and assist you with selling tickets. One way to consider might be offering fans that purchase your sponsor’s product and one of your game tickets, a second ticket free. (more…)

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Cross Promotions among Sports

May 9th 2007

Q. Many times when two teams are doing well, we don’t think of promoting the success of each team by cross promoting the two sports. What do you think of this idea?

A. So true. When a team is doing well, it’s almost as if some sports execs coast, enjoy the moment, and live for the moment versus taking advantage of the team’s success and leveraging the team’s success for other teams or for future fans. (more…)

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Experience of Courtside Seating

May 8th 2007

Q. As someone who works in sports, you probably attend a lot of sporting events.  What is your favorite and have you ever sat courtside for a basketball game?

A. I’m often asked this question, and it’s usually followed up with, “Could you get me courtside seats?”  I usually smile and laugh because many times it’s not a close friend or relative who is asking the question.  It’s often someone I meet for the first time. (more…)

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Promotional Ideas for Volleyball

May 7th 2007

Q. We are looking to increase and improve our promotions for volleyball this upcoming season and want to know what you would suggestion for some creative volleyball promotions ideas?

A. Here are links to five different college volleyball promotions web pages from this past season that represent five different conferences.  These five should assist you with a variety of creative promotions for the 2007 season: (more…)

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The Investment of Inflatable Games

May 4th 2007

Q. We’re debating internally whether or not inflatable games, tunnels, and an inflatable mascot would be worth us spending money on as an athletic department. What are your thoughts?
A. While working in college athletics several years ago, we made an investment on inflatable tunnels for basketball, soccer and volleyball. (more…)

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Execution Book Recommendation

May 3rd 2007

Q. I read the book Execution, and really enjoyed it.  Is there a book or two that you would recommend that address successful execution strategies?

A. The most recent book I read on execution is “Sun Tzu for Execution: How to Use the Art of War to Get Results,” by Steven W. Michaelson. (more…)

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Cheerleading Fundraising Best Practices

May 2nd 2007

Q. What cheerleading programs host successful fundraising programs that contribute to their scholarships, new uniforms, travel and other team expenses?

A. Many college cheerleading programs hosts camps and clinics as fundraising recruiting and fundraising strategies for their cheerleading programs. (more…)

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Looking to Grow Professionally

May 1st 2007

Q. How do I look for a new opportunity to grow professionally while keeping my eye and dedication on what I’m presently doing?

A. There are endless opportunities for each of us to grow personally and professionally, and balancing our current commitments with expanding our knowledge and experiences can be challenging, but also rewarding. (more…)

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