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Future of Social Networking

October 27th 2008

Q. Is social networking a business fad or a strategy you see continuing to grow as it has the last few years?

A. I’m amazed at the growth of social networking, and how it’s not only appealing to teens, but statistics show the baby boomers are one of the fastest growing demographics across all social networking. (more…)

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More Than One Social Network

September 8th 2008

Q. You’ve recommended to those not currently participating in social networking to seriously consider joining a social network, and you recommended LinkedIn and Facebook.  Are there any other social networks you have experience with that you’d recommend, and is it best to develop profiles on multiple social networks?

A. I’ve had the opportunity over the past year to familiarize myself with LinkedIn and have enjoyed my experiences on this business social network.  I’ve also posted a profile on Plaxo, and although I’ve had positive experiences, I have not been as active or engaged with users as I have with LinkedIn. (more…)

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Experiences Social Networking

August 4th 2008

Q. You shared in your July 21 Question of the Week blog post that you’ve joined the social networking craze. Do you have any recommendations for someone like myself who is looking to explore social networking for the first time?

A. Don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet! Most of the social networks are very user-friendly, and each have their own unique offerings, but all have one thing in common, they connect people.

Depending on your goals and objectives, and if you’re doing this primarily for business or personal social networking, you will want to review those networks that are available and select which meets your goals and objectives best.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed and have invested the most time on LinkedIn (although not a great deal of time the last few months) and Facebook (more for family, friends and associates).

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Social Networking for Sports Business

July 21st 2008

Q. How effective are the various business and general social networking sites for generating business for sports teams?

A. It’s amazing to me how many social networks exist today and the popularity of many of the. In the last year, I’ve joined four social networks, and two of the four (Facebook and MySpace) I’ve only recently joined and built a profile.

I’ve enjoyed my experiences on LinkedIn and Plaxo for a variety of reasons, and I use the networks for connecting with people, staying connected with people, re-connecting with friends and associates, and assisting people who reach out to me with questions or guidance.

I’d recommend both LinkedIn and Plaxo for business social networking, and I’ve had nothing but good experiences using Facebook for general social networking with family and friends. MySpace is next on my list to better understand its capabilities and the opportunities that exist with that network.

The bottom line, though, is we’re just seeing an early preview of what’s to come with social networking in the future. I believe it will play a major factor in most businesses in the future.

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Networking Book Recommendations

February 28th 2006

Q. What are a few good books you’d recommend on networking?

A. There are several great books written on networking and referrals.  If you’re looking for a couple excellent short-reads, I encourage you to check out “The Referral of a Lifetime” and “Mr. Shmooze.”  Here’s the baker’s dozen of my favorite networking and referral books…in no particular order:

“The Referral of a Lifetime,” Templeton
“How to Win Friends & Influence People,” Carnegie
“Pushing the Envelope All the Way to the Top,” Mackay
“Mr. Shmooze,” Abraham
“Endless Referrals,” Burg
“Masters of Networking,” Misner and Morgan
“Networking Magic, Frishman and Lublin
“Get More Referrals Now!” Cates
“The Greatest Networker in the World,” Fogg
“Be a people Person,” Maxwell
“Make Your Contacts Count,” Baber and Waymon
“Nonstop Networking,” Nierenberg
“The Relationship Edge in Business,” Acuff and Wood

Your turn to take a swing…

What networking and referral books have you read that we didn’t include on this list and you recommend?

All the best,

Ron Goch
The Telios Group

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