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Executing Mystery Fan Program

August 10th 2009

Q. What are your thoughts on sports teams using secret shopping companies (focused on sports and entertainment) to evaluate events and customer service?

A. It’s a terrific idea. Sports organizations should consistently evaluate their events and customer service with surveys, response cards, and periodic mystery fan event evaluations.

I’ve conducted hundreds of sporting event evaluations over the years and the detailed reports (more…)

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Customer Service Book Recommendation

October 13th 2008

Q. If you had to choose one book among “The Starbucks Experience,” “The New Gold Standard,” and “The Nordstrom Way,” which one would you choose?

A. Luckily I didn’t have to choose only one and have enjoyed reading all three.  Each are excellent reads that offer outstanding customer service strategies for any business. (more…)

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Rewarding Customer Service

January 23rd 2007

Q. I’d like to start a program where our employees are recognized for excellent customer service. We train our staff on how to assist our fans and answer their questions, and I believe we could better reinforce if we offer some kind of award or incentive program. Are there any good examples in sports?

A. This is a great idea and I’d encourage you to consider implementing a Mystery Fan or secret fan program – similar to a mystery shopper program – which we offer our clients to evaluate their event presentation, fan engagement, and overall customer service. (more…)

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Recovering a Lost Client

October 17th 2006

Q. How would you recommend recovering a lost client?

A. Great question and Todd Duncan in “High Trust Selling” answers this question best: “When you blow it with a customer, don’t run from them. Run to them! Here are actions you must take to recover a high-trust client whom you’ve poorly served:

Confess. Tell the client you blew it and apologize. No finger-pointing.
Correct. Tell the client what you are going to do about it.
Communicate. Let the client know you value him and that you want another chance, and give him an incentive to try you again.”

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Best Online Fan Pages

March 2nd 2006

Q. Who is doing a good job of utilizing its web site to inform and service its season ticket holders and fans?

A. One of the best fan web pages I’ve found in sports today that offers their season ticket holders and fans an excellent online experience with excellent customer information is the University of Oklahoma Athletics Department’s Customer Care Central web page.

It’s well designed, easy to navigate and includes all the information an Oklahoma season ticket holder or fan could possibly need.  Check it out for yourself right here.
Your turn to take a swing…

What are some excellent online customer service and fan web pages available to sports fans today?

All the best,

Ron Goch
The Telios Group

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