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Ticket Sales Payment Plans

July 30th 2007

Q. We have invoiced season ticket holders once each year and usually have two to three installments we ask for payments to be paid in full.  What other payment plans exist and should we be considering?

A. There are many ticket payment options and I’ll share two to consider.  One would be a year-round approach where a season ticket holders bank account would be debited each month similar to other household bills. (more…)

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Utilizing Holidays to Promote Ticket Sales

July 23rd 2007

Q. We did not run ticket specials the week leading up the Fourth of July and I was asked why we didn’t consider running ads – or conduct a promotion – to promote ticket sales, even though it’s our off-season.  Are holidays, like the Fourth of July, a good time to advertise ticket sales for fall and winter sports?

A. Many sports teams leverage the high visibility and awareness of holidays as a strategy to advertise and promote various ticket offers year-round, and sports teams have also leveraged holidays to unveil special holiday uniforms, as the Boston Celtics did in March of 2006 its special St. Patrick’s Day uniforms.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Improve Value of Program Advertisements

July 16th 2007

Q. Each year, it’s a challenge to sell all of our game program advertising space.  We recognize each of our advertisers by thanking them in a public address announcement at games, but I’m curious to know what else we could or should be offering to improve the value of our advertisement packages?

A. The easiest way to increase the value of your program advertising is to package the advertising in a sponsorship that includes the advertising and other inventory the sponsor finds valuable. (more…)

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Question of the Week

July 9th 2007

Q. I noticed you switched from a “Question of the Day” to a “Question of the Week.” Is there any particular reason?

A. I asked for feedback from friends, associates and those who read our blogs on how I could improve, and the feedback I received encouraged me to move from a daily posting format to a weekly posting format.

In addition, I received feedback and requests to dedicate one blog to ticket sales and services only, so that’s something we will look to accommodate in the months ahead, along with other ticket sales-related resources. (more…)

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Athletics Business Magazines

July 2nd 2007

Q. What athletic business magazines would you recommend for someone starting in athletic business?

A. There are two “athletic” business magazines I’m aware of and read, and they are Athletic Business and Athletics Management. (more…)

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