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Organizations, Associations and Magazines

July 27th 2009

Q. What are some professional organizations/associations and/or journals, magazines, and websites that you find useful?

A. I’m a long-time member of the American Marketing Association, the National Association of College Athletic Marketing Administrators, and a number of other online (and offline) networks and associations.

For sports business magazines, I recommend Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Daily and the SportsBusiness Journal.  I also enjoy Harvard Business Review, Forbes, a number of blogs and newspapers, and Alltop, an online magazine rack.

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Sports Team’s Youth Jersey Night

July 20th 2009

Q. Jersey night used to be popular with fans.  Is this still a successful promotion and do you know of a sports team that has done it recently?

A. The Colorado Avalanche hosted its youth jersey night this past season when they gave away free youth jerseys to the first 5,000 youth 14 years old and younger.

Here are links to two other youth jersey nights from the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and the Orlando Magic.

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All-You-Can-Eat Ticket Plans

July 13th 2009

Q. Could you share examples of how sports teams have successfully created all-you-can-eat ticket packages?

A. Here are three baseball team’s all-you-can-eat food and ticket package information:

Oakland A’s

Minnesota Twins

Pittsburgh Pirates

Here are two stories related to sports teams’ all-you-can-eat programs:

All-You-Can-Eat Seats: Baseball Fans Pig Out

Sports Teams’ All-You-Can-Eat a Hit

Even Universal Studios has an all-you-can-eat program and they offer a 10-percent discount on the all-day pass when purchased online. You can click here for all the details of their all-you-can-eat pass.

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Food Alternative for College Athletics

July 6th 2009

Q. In the “Create a Sellout” eBook, three of the many ticket sales strategies you share are the “All You Can Eat” ticket package, the meal deal, and the family value days, which packages food and tickets for a reasonable price. We’d enjoy implementing these ticket/food packages, but our concessions charges a minimum of $8 per person.  Add in the ticket and it’s not exactly a great value. What do other college athletic and sports teams do in similar situations?

A. This is a common challenge college athletics and sports teams face when trying to create value meal ticket programs, and one great alternative for both college athletics and sports teams is to work with the sponsorship sales team to create value meals with your sponsors. (more…)

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