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Food Alternative for College Athletics

July 6th 2009

Q. In the “Create a Sellout” eBook, three of the many ticket sales strategies you share are the “All You Can Eat” ticket package, the meal deal, and the family value days, which packages food and tickets for a reasonable price. We’d enjoy implementing these ticket/food packages, but our concessions charges a minimum of $8 per person.  Add in the ticket and it’s not exactly a great value. What do other college athletic and sports teams do in similar situations?

A. This is a common challenge college athletics and sports teams face when trying to create value meal ticket programs, and one great alternative for both college athletics and sports teams is to work with the sponsorship sales team to create value meals with your sponsors.

The sponsor’s primary goal for associating with college athletics and sports teams is to generate more business, and this “challenge” creates an opportunity to create a measurable return on sponsor’s investments.

 You could create meal deals, family value plans, and even all you can eat packages that provide a food voucher redeemed at your sponsor’s restaurant, or multiple sponsor restaurant locations.  Fans could stop off to eat prior to the game, following the game, or another convenient time for them.

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