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Promotional Partnership with Bowling Center

December 22nd 2008

Q. Are you aware of any promotional partnerships between bowling centers and college or professional sports teams?

A. I did see a promotion conducted in Louisiana – “Bowling for Bowl Tickets” – that was an enter-to-win contest conducted by a television station in partnership with a bowling center.

Mascot (human) bowling has been a popular promotion with college and promotional sports teams over the years, and you may want to visit to learn more about this as well as other fun and entertaining sports promotions.

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Tapping Into Existing Programs

October 22nd 2007

Q. We’ve had a debate among our staff whether we should start a new program or leverage – tap into – an existing program.  What is your advice when it comes to tapping into an existing program, or the benefits – drawbacks – to creating your own program from scratch to strengthen your organizations brand and identity?

A. I like to collaborate with existing programs where you find mutual benefits for all involved.  This is a great opportunity to both grow your business, as well as your brand awareness – while keeping the time commitment to a minimum. (more…)

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External Collaborations to Sell Tickets

April 3rd 2006

Q. You’ve shared ways to collaborate between marketing and community relations.  What about external collaboration ideas or programs to sell more tickets?

A. The Southwest Michigan Devil Rays and the Battle Creek Knights are collaborating on a neat baseball-basketball doubleheader ticket offer.  Two separate events and two tickets for just $10.

The Southwest Michigan Devil Rays are also doing a neat kids program in collaboration with The Dow Chemical Company called Project Kids where tickets are sponsored for youth to attend the Devil Rays games.
Your turn to take a shot!

What external group, organization or company could you collaborate with in an effort to achieve dual objectives and sell more tickets to your sporting events?

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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Marketing, Community Relations Collaborate

March 24th 2006

Q. How would you recommend our marketing and community relations programs work together to conduct programs that assist the community while raising attendance?

A. This is a great question and one I touched on earlier this month when asked for ideas to increase youth ticket sales.  I encourage you to visit The Telios Group’s Question of the Day blog post on March 4 for these youth program ideas.

Here are three other examples of community relations ticket sales strategies you could consider:

Padres Charity Ticket Program

Bulls in the Community Basketball Programs

Avengers Stay in the Game to Achieve Program

Your turn to take a shot!

How are your marketing and community relations teams working collaboration to offer community relations programs that not only impact the community in a positive way, but also increase paid ticket sales?

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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Internal and External Collaboration

March 21st 2006

Q. We’re looking to improve our internal and external collaboration and hopeful you could recommend a book or two, or other resources that could assist me with developing a plan.

A. Someone once said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”  How true.

Collaboration has been a hot topic in business the last few years, but is a business concept that has been successfully implemented for generations.

There’s no question businesses consistently practicing internal and external collaboration are in a much better position to be successful than those businesses that do not implement internal and external collaborative strategies.

Here are five books I recommend for review and reading in preparation for creating and implementing a collaboration strategy:

“The Power of We,” Succeeding Through Partnerships.
“Organizing Genius,” The Secrets of Creative Collaboration
“Go Team!” Take Your Team to the Next Level.
   (Blanchard, Randolph, Grazier)
“Beyond Teams,” Building the Collaborative Organization.
   (Beyerlein, Freedman, McGee, Moran)
“Radical Collaboration,”
   (Tamm and Luyet)

Your turn to take a shot!

What collaboration books or resources have you used to improve your internal and / or external collaboration?

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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