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Getting Started on LinkedIn

March 23rd 2009

Q. I keep hearing how LinkedIn is the professional social network to be on. Is this a network you recommend, or would you recommend a different social network for business?

A. I joined LinkedIn last year and it’s a great network for posting your professional credentials, blog updates and testimonials. It’s a great networking community and I’m a member of several LinkedIn groups.

Here’s an easy to follow video – “LinkedIn In Plain English” – you may find helpful for getting started on LinkedIn.

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College and Pro Sports Teams on Facebook

February 2nd 2009

Q. Last week you provided a list of teams and mediums on Twitter. Could you please provide a list of some of the college athletics and professional sports teams that are on Facebook?

A. Here are three college athletics departments, three professional teams, and three sports league presently on Facebook (including number of friends for each as of Feb 4, 2009):

Three College Athletics on Facebook: Florida Gators: Over 35,000 Friends; Georgia Athletics: Over 35,000 Friends; Ohio State Buckeyes: Over 44,000 Friends. (more…)

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Sports Teams and Mediums Using Twitter

January 26th 2009

Q. What are some of the sports teams and sports mediums that are presently using Twitter?

A. Listed below are three college athletic departments, three professional sports teams, three sports leagues, and three sports mediums presently using Twitter, along with their Twitter user names.  I can also be found on Twitter – @RonGoch.

Three college athletic departments on Twitter: Clemson Athletics: @ClemsonTigers; Penn State Athletics: @PSUNittanyLions; Washington Athletics: @UWSportsNews. (more…)

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