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Getting Started With Social Media

June 8th 2009

Q. Where do you recommend a person get started when it comes to social media?

A. This is a question many people ask me and an article I posted to the Telios Tips blog – “Best Use of Social Media Starts With Strategy” – would be a great place to get started.

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Assist Clients During Downturn

November 17th 2008

Q. During these times of economic downturn, what do you recommend to sports teams?

A. It’s important for team execs to always reach out throughout the year – but especially during this downturn of the economy – to corporate partners, season ticket holders, suite holders, and group leaders to offer your assistance. (more…)

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Maximize Your Vacation Time

June 16th 2008

Q. What are your thoughts on utilizing vacation days and the message that may be sent to the boss, employer, and co-workers when all vacation days are utilized annually?

A. As someone who once went a stretch of 11 years (yes, 11 consecutive years) without taking one vacation or sick day, I’m proud to say I fully maximize and enjoy my vacation days. (more…)

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Keeping Up with News and Trends

April 21st 2008

Q. How do you keep up with breaking news and trends in the sports business?
A. When in the office or while traveling, I read newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and the Sports Business Daily and Journal.
I also receive news alerts and newsletters via email that I read daily on various subjects.
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Improve Value of Program Advertisements

July 16th 2007

Q. Each year, it’s a challenge to sell all of our game program advertising space.  We recognize each of our advertisers by thanking them in a public address announcement at games, but I’m curious to know what else we could or should be offering to improve the value of our advertisement packages?

A. The easiest way to increase the value of your program advertising is to package the advertising in a sponsorship that includes the advertising and other inventory the sponsor finds valuable. (more…)

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Printing on Front and Back of Business Cards

June 21st 2007

Q. Do you recommend printing on both the front and back of a business card? Some people do, but most do not. What do you recommend?

A. My first response when I read the question was “Why not?” But, those who know me understand “why not? is my favorite question, as well as one of my favorite responses to questions like this. (more…)

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Transferring Best Practices to High Schools

June 15th 2007

Q. How well would some of the best business practices used in college and pro sports work for high school sports to assist schools with generating much needed revenue?

A. Many strategies being implemented by college athletic departments and professional sports teams are applicable to high school athletics, and there are a number of high schools in each community that do implement a variety of sports marketing and ticket sales strategies. (more…)

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Move from Ticket sales to Sponsorships

January 10th 2007

Q. I work in ticket sales and would like to move into sponsorship sales. What do you recommend I do?

A. I always recommend some good advice I once received, which was in order to get the job you want, you need to do a great job with the one you have now.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Review of Business Plans

January 2nd 2007

Q. With the New Year, I’m curious to know your thoughts of college athletic departments reviewing marketing and business plans following each sports season or if college athletic staff members should evaluate all sports at the mid-year point?

A. Over the years, I’ve always recapped immediately following each sport’s season, as well as each game and each event. Additionally, I recommend a year-end department review, as well as a staff retreat to review and prepare for the next year.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Staff Cross-Training

September 18th 2006

Q. I’d like to cross-train our staff so each person has knowledge and an appreciation for areas outside of their primary responsibilities. What do you think of this idea and do you feel it’s worth the effort and time of each staff member?
A. I like it and think this is a great idea. I’d like to see more businesses implement this business strategy for the reasons you’ve shared.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Who Comes First: Employees or Customers?

June 29th 2006

Q. I’ve heard some people and organizations say customers need to be No. 1 and others say employees need to be No. 1. What do you feel is best for a sports organization, or any business?

A. Both employees and customers are important to any business. I’ve always felt that if an organization sincerely takes care of its employees on a daily and consistent basis, your employees will take care of your customers.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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