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Compensating Mascots for Appearances

July 7th 2008

Q. How would you recommend handling compensation for mascot appearances? We have never paid our mascots for non athletic events in the summer. But we are struggling to keep up the demand for appearances and getting mascots to remain in town to handle the appearances. We currently pay for their mileage but not the appearance. What do you recommend?

A. I’d recommend offering your mascots who participate in your simmer programs the opportunity to attend summer school and provide a tuition waiver as the compensation for summer appearances.

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Role of a Sports Team’s Mascot

January 5th 2007

Q. We’ve had a number of discussions about the responsibilities of our mascot and would like to know your thoughts on whether a mascot’s responsibilities should be more of a cheerleader at games or be engaged in events throughout the community to promote the sports team?

A. Sports teams mascot responsibilities usually include pre-, in- and post-game activities (fan engagement and entertainment), as well as non-game day appearances, community service and other team events and activities on a year-round basis. Some college athletic programs, unlike professional sports – due to the number of sports and sporting events – usually have multiple individuals who fill the role of the school’s mascot at sporting events.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Importance of a Mascot

September 22nd 2006

Q. How important is it for a college athletics department or a sports team to have a mascot?
A. I believe every college athletics department and sports team should invest in a mascot. This is not only important for engaging and entertaining fans at sporting events throughout a sports season, but also for creating and maintaining a year-round consistent visibility and awareness for a sports team or athletics department.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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More Active Mascot at Games

July 21st 2006

Q. We’d like to make our mascot more active at football and basketball games. How can we accomplish our goal to make our mascot highly visible without getting in the way of our fan’s game experience?

A. Athletic events offer many opportunities for mascot entertainment during pre-, in- and post-game that can compliment your fans game experience.  These are the times to focus on first – when the ball is not in play – for entertaining your fans as they enter your stadium and arena; on the concourse; in the seats during timeouts; or during timeouts and halftime performing a mascot skit.

Additionally, it’s a great touch to have your mascot in the upper levels of your arena and/or stadium entertaining, taking pictures with fans, or simply exchanging high-fives with kids and fans in general.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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