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Positive Press for New Point System

May 26th 2008

Q. We have created a new point system and interested to see a best practice example of how a college athletics department may have created positive publicity for its point system announcement?

A. The University of Minnesota Athletics Department did  a nice job generating positive media coverage of its new point system in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, online at Fox Twin Cities, and other mediums throughout the Twin Cities.  In addition, the Goal Line Club – the Gophers Booster Club – and the University of Minnesota Alumni Association also complimented the media coverage with information on each of its websites.
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Special Ticket Offers in Advertising

May 19th 2008

Q. Do you feel sports newspaper advertisements should always include a special ticket offer for fans?

A. Although I believe most sports teams could benefit from including ticket specials in its newspaper advertising, it may not always be necessary a sports team includes a ticket special.  A team may be close to a sellout, advertising its participation in post-season play, or in another similar situation where a special ticket offer may not be necessary.
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Volleyball Season Ticket Website Pages

May 12th 2008

Q. We’d like to upgrade the volleyball season ticket page on our website.  What one or two collegiate volleyball programs would you recommend as having quality season ticket website pages?

A. Two websites to consider reviewing that have quality pages, as well as opportunities for additional best practices they could consider adding to their pages, would be the University of Arizona and the University of Nebraska.

Nebraska has a solid women’s volleyball season ticket base and offers a seating ticket map, premium seating, and a waiting list form on its website, along with the standard pricing and policies information. (more…)

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Adjusting to Frequent Travel

May 5th 2008

Q. Based on your business, you likely travel frequently and I’m hopeful you could share how someone who is beginning to travel frequently can adjust to frequent trips.

A. Making the adjustment from no travel, or light travel, to frequent travel is something that takes time to adjust for many people. It’s definitely an adjustment, both mentally and physically.

Like anything else, though, it’s all in how you prepare yourself and the attitude you choose. (more…)

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