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Stocking Stuffer Advertising Alternatives

December 1st 2008

Q. With tight advertising budgets, what alternatives would you offer for marketing and promoting stocking stuffer ticket packages versus the traditional newspaper, radio and television advertising?

A. I’d recommend utilizing a prominent location on your website; include in your eNewsletters; in-game public address announcements and reader board mentions; tag your seat backs with mini flyers; include in your event programs; drop-ins during radio and television broadcasts; and provide information to your (more…)

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Special Ticket Offers in Advertising

May 19th 2008

Q. Do you feel sports newspaper advertisements should always include a special ticket offer for fans?

A. Although I believe most sports teams could benefit from including ticket specials in its newspaper advertising, it may not always be necessary a sports team includes a ticket special.  A team may be close to a sellout, advertising its participation in post-season play, or in another similar situation where a special ticket offer may not be necessary.
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