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Sports Teams and Mediums Using Twitter

January 26th 2009

Q. What are some of the sports teams and sports mediums that are presently using Twitter?

A. Listed below are three college athletic departments, three professional sports teams, three sports leagues, and three sports mediums presently using Twitter, along with their Twitter user names.  I can also be found on Twitter – @RonGoch.

Three college athletic departments on Twitter: Clemson Athletics: @ClemsonTigers; Penn State Athletics: @PSUNittanyLions; Washington Athletics: @UWSportsNews. (more…)

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Attend Grad School During Down Economy

January 19th 2009

Q. I’m looking for some career advice.  I recently graduated from college and I’ve been looking for an entry-level sales position. With the economy in bad shape, would you recommend I continue looking or attend graduate school?

A. I’m frequently asked this question, but your observation about the economy and considering the option to attend graduate school is a fantastic idea during this time.

Colleges offer more graduate assistantships and stipends than ever before, and you not only receive hands-on, practical experience in your field of study, but your tuition, room and board, and books are paid (more…)

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Leverage Partnerships to Build Database

January 12th 2009

Q. Do you have a best practice example of a college athletics or professional sports team that has successfully created a quality enter to win contest to increase its ticket sales lead list?

A. There are many great examples of college athletics and professional sports teams successfully leveraging their corporate partnerships to build its prospective ticket buyer database.

The University of Florida Athletics Department recently sent to its eNewsletter subscribers the Alltel My Circle Hoops Getaway enter to win contest where the winner and 10 friends would have the opportunity to (more…)

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Encouragement for New Sales Managers

January 5th 2009

Q. As a new sales manager, I’d like to know two or three important things I should do to ensure I get off to a successful start?

A. One of the things I encourage first-time managers to do is get to know their staff.  Schedule weekly one-on-one meetings and ensure you’re in tune with each staff member’s day-to-day progress with their goals and development, celebrating successes and benchmarks they’ve achieve, as well as working together to overcome any challenges they may be experiencing. (more…)

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