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Excellent Guest Service and Experience

March 28th 2007

Q. I believe we offer a great experience at our sporting events, but my boss believes we could improve.  What is the best way to evaluate our guest service to ensure we are indeed offering our fans the very best service at our sports events?

A. The first question I would have for your supervisor is where does s(he) think you and your event staff can improve?  If you do not conduct annual fan, season ticket holders and group leader surveys following each of your sports seasons, I encourage you to consistently do this soon after each season concludes. (more…)

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Fan Appreciation Events

March 3rd 2006

Q. Besides the usual fan appreciation nights, I’m looking for other ways to thank our season ticket holders and supporters.  Do you have any ideas?

A. Here are three events you may want to consider:

1. Season ticket holder appreciation luncheon with players and coaches

2. Group leader appreciation event

3. Exclusive season ticket holder, group leader and corporate partner Selection Sunday event

Your turn to take a swing…

What events or activities are you hosting to thank your season ticket holders, group leaders and corporate partners?

All the best,

Ron Goch
The Telios Group

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