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Strategy to Increase Prospect Database

May 4th 2009

Q. What strategy would you recommend as one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the size of our prospective ticket buyer database?

A. Enter to win contests are fun, easy to implement, and can effectively increase your database.

One of the keys to developing more targeted prospects is to create enter to win contests that target the prospects you desire.

For example, if you’re goal is to increase prospective season ticket buyers, create a contest that offers (more…)

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Leverage Partnerships to Build Database

January 12th 2009

Q. Do you have a best practice example of a college athletics or professional sports team that has successfully created a quality enter to win contest to increase its ticket sales lead list?

A. There are many great examples of college athletics and professional sports teams successfully leveraging their corporate partnerships to build its prospective ticket buyer database.

The University of Florida Athletics Department recently sent to its eNewsletter subscribers the Alltel My Circle Hoops Getaway enter to win contest where the winner and 10 friends would have the opportunity to (more…)

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New Strategies for Enter to Win

December 10th 2007

Q. Are there any new or unique ideas you could offer for enter to win contests?

A. The best strategy I’ve experienced most recently was a team providing computers on its concourse for fans to enter to win.  It makes a great deal of sense and seems to be the most efficient way to process enter to win contestants versus someone having to input each enter to win form once an event has concluded.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Creative Way to Drive Enter to Win Sign-Ups

May 23rd 2007

Q. We know one of the best ways to build a database is to offer enter to win contests to our fans, and hopefully we’ll capture the names and addresses of non-season ticket buyers. However, we struggle to get people to enter our contests. Who does it successfully and do you have an example of a creative way to increase our enter to win contestants so we can build our database? (more…)

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Take Me Fishing Sweepstakes

May 11th 2007

Q. Could you provide a good example of an “enter to win” contest that does more than capture a name and address; it also captures demographic and other consumer information?

A. Check out the Sweepstakes, which is being sponsored by Triple-A baseball and Triton Boats. You can check out the ads here. It’s a neat promotion, but it also accomplishes your objective of obtaining more than simply a name and address with its form. (more…)

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Effective Enter to Win Contests

April 17th 2007

Q. I see many ways people can enter to win tickets and trips, and they must work because a lot of people do them, but we don’t get a lot of people to sign up to win our tickets.  Is there something I’m missing?

A. Just as it’s all about the fan’s experience at one of your events, how you position and promote your enter to win contests is also about the experience.  (more…)

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Enter to Win to Build Database

February 26th 2007

Q. Do you recommend online enter to win contests as a successful way to build database of prospective ticket buyers?

A. Absolutely. Here are two examples from Florida and UCLA:

Florida Gators Online Basketball Bonanza

UCLA and American Express Enter to Win Trip 

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Enter to Win Contests to Generate Leads

October 3rd 2006

Q. We conduct enter to win contests to generate prospective ticket buyer leads. Besides doing this at our athletic events and sponsor locations, what are some other ways we could utilize enter to win contests to generate leads?

A. You could also include an enter to win contest on your web site as well as utilize each of your media partners – talk and sports radio; radio remotes; newspaper sports, entertainment and business sections; and there are plenty of opportunities on TV and in local magazines, business journals, and community newspapers.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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