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Sample Participant Waiver Form

September 15th 2008

Q. Could you please share an event participant waiver form that is accessible to review the language information included to develop our own waiver form?

A. Here’s the Disney Sports Waiver and Permission Form that Disney makes available to participants that you may find to be a helpful example for an event waiver form.

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Examples of Fan Codes of Conduct

March 10th 2008

Q. Could you provide an example of a fan code of conduct that sports teams use?

A. I’ve included below links to seven codes of conduct resources for an arena (Philips Arena), baseball (Dodgers), basketball (Timberwolves and the NBA), college athletics and a football stadium (UCLA), football (Broncos), Hockey (Aeros), and soccer (D.C. United).

In addition, here’s a story from USA Today titled “Schools Try Hard to Foil Fans’ Curses” that may also be a helpful resource. (more…)

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Parking Shortage Leads to Satellite Parking

March 12th 2007

Q. We struggle with a shortage of parking spaces on campus for our athletic events.  What alternatives have colleges developed to address this issue?

A. One great way to address a shortage of parking is by creating satellite parking at a sponsor location – or a mall – and provide charter bus transportation to and from the sponsor or mall parking lot. (more…)

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Scripting Sporting Events

August 4th 2006

Q. I’ve heard people in event presentation say that each of our sporting events should be scripted much like a play. What are your thoughts?

A. I’m a big believer in not only scripting athletic events, but also practicing introductions and the event presentation so that come game day, everything flows naturally and the event doesn’t have the look and feel of a scripted event, but more spontaneous and fan engaging.


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