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Strategy for Complimentary Tickets

December 29th 2008

Q. What strategy would you recommend for giving away tickets in the community to fill unsold seats at athletic events?

A. With the struggling economy and many non-profit organizations struggling to maintain their cash donations, sports teams that have available ticket inventory could partner with non-profit organizations in their community and donate tickets – or have a corporate partner underwrite donated tickets – so non-profit organizations could use tickets as fundraising opportunity. (more…)

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Promotional Partnership with Bowling Center

December 22nd 2008

Q. Are you aware of any promotional partnerships between bowling centers and college or professional sports teams?

A. I did see a promotion conducted in Louisiana – “Bowling for Bowl Tickets” – that was an enter-to-win contest conducted by a television station in partnership with a bowling center.

Mascot (human) bowling has been a popular promotion with college and promotional sports teams over the years, and you may want to visit to learn more about this as well as other fun and entertaining sports promotions.

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Twitter for College Athletics Fans

December 15th 2008

Q. A friend shared with me that many professional sports teams are using Twitter as a part of their social media to communicate scores, ticket specials and other team news and updates.  Do you feel this is also something college athletics could benefit from using for its fans?

A. There’s no question college athletic programs can benefit from using Twitter and you can find many professional sports examples on Twitter to get you started. You can follow The Telios Group on Twitter by clicking here to see examples of updates and ticket promotions being posted by some of the professional sports teams we’re following.

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Furniture Store Contest at Basketball

December 8th 2008

Q. Is there a contest or promotion you could recommend hosting at basketball games for a furniture store sponsorship?

A. Two of my favorite furniture store contests and promotions are the “Couch Potato Shot of the Game” and the “Best Seats in the House.” Each have been around a long time, crowd favorites, and if you’re not presently conducting them – and haven’t in recent years – I recommend both.

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Stocking Stuffer Advertising Alternatives

December 1st 2008

Q. With tight advertising budgets, what alternatives would you offer for marketing and promoting stocking stuffer ticket packages versus the traditional newspaper, radio and television advertising?

A. I’d recommend utilizing a prominent location on your website; include in your eNewsletters; in-game public address announcements and reader board mentions; tag your seat backs with mini flyers; include in your event programs; drop-ins during radio and television broadcasts; and provide information to your (more…)

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