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Strategy for Complimentary Tickets

December 29th 2008

Q. What strategy would you recommend for giving away tickets in the community to fill unsold seats at athletic events?

A. With the struggling economy and many non-profit organizations struggling to maintain their cash donations, sports teams that have available ticket inventory could partner with non-profit organizations in their community and donate tickets – or have a corporate partner underwrite donated tickets – so non-profit organizations could use tickets as fundraising opportunity.

The ticket donation programs are a fantastic strategy for assisting the community and non-profit organizations with generating revenues; place the spotlight squarely on non-profit organizations and their missions; bring families, kids and adults to games who otherwise may not have an opportunity to attend; and this all can be accomplished using tickets that in many cases would have gone unsold.

Here are three examples of tickets for kids and ticket donation programs from the Warriors, Texans, and Timberwolves:

Golden State Warriors Ticket Donation Program

Houston Texans Cheering Children’s Program

Minnesota Timberwolves Tickets for Kids

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