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Athletes & Coaches: Positive Role Models

October 30th 2006

Q. With all the recent fights, unsportsmanlike misconduct, DUI arrests, and everything else that has given sports a black eye, how do we counter with positive programs and activities to show fans we do care and that athletes and coaches can be positive role models?

A. There are so many great things happening in sports today. It’s unfortunate the negative acts of a few overshadow the positive acts, programs, role models and generosity of so many professional athletes, college student-athletes, coaches, owners and athletic administrators in sports today.

The programs are too numerous to name, but some great programs that are representative of the positive impact sports is making today involve Read to Achieve, Take a Kid to the Game, holiday food drives, recycling programs, the Off the Streets and Into the Seats program, and so many others.

These programs, along with many others, are just a few examples of how athletic teams can give back to the community that supports sports today, as well as educate student-athletes on the importance of being positive role models to our youth who are the leaders of tomorrow.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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