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Alumni Kids Club Programs

January 28th 2008

Q. Are you familiar with any college alumni programs that have worked in collaboration with athletics to offer an Alumni Kids Club Program?

A. Many colleges offer Kids Club programs, and kids of alumni who choose to become kids club members – like the University of Minnesota’s Goldy’s Gang Kids Club – receive a special discount off the regular kids club price.  This is a great strategy for college athletics departments and alumni associations to collaborate.
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Successful College Nights

January 21st 2008

Q. What sports teams are hosting successful college nights and what are they offering the students?

A. College Nights have become more and more popular over the years with sports teams and many teams are hosting successful College Nights.

The Seattle Mariners host College Nights where five games during the months of May through September are designated as College Nights. The Mariners partner with a local restaurant and offer the college students a pre-game party with discounted food and drinks, and also offer students a specially reduced ticket of $7 on a regularly priced $18 reserve seat.
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Increase Ticket Sales with Assembly Program

January 14th 2008

Q. We have conducted hundreds of assembly programs over the years, and although we know they’ve proved to be beneficial for the schools, teachers and the youth we reach, we also would like to see a greater increase in our attendance as a result of these programs. What ideas and strategies could you share to assist us with this objective?

A. Take a look at the Pistons Partner Program, which is an assembly and basketball clinic program that involved three different programs that not only have the objective to reach out and address the needs of the Detroit community, but also effectively increase ticket sales.
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Unique Strategies for Armed Forces Nights

January 7th 2008

Q. I’m sure you’re familiar with the many armed forces appreciation events that sports teams conduct each year. Could you share any new or creative strategies we may be able to implement with our annual “Armed Forces Appreciation Night” that we conduct annually?

A. There are two neat strategies that come to mind.  The first is the Dallas Maverick’s annual “Seats for Soldiers” game where each of the front row seats is donated to military personnel by season ticket holders. (more…)

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