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Creating a Sports Fundraising Auction

February 25th 2008

Q. We’re considering the creation of a fundraising auction.  What do you think of this idea and are there any successful sports auctions you could refer us to consider as a best practice for our event?

A. Auctions have proven over the years to be great fundraisers for sports teams, and one great example to share with you is the Chicago Bulls’ annual FestaBulls dinner auction, which is in its 19th year.

Just click here and you’ll be able to review all the information on the auction, which will be hosted by the Bulls in April.  On this page you will find the news release, the dinner auction TV spot, the dinner auction registration form, and you’ll see the event has a title sponsor.
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Supporting Girls and Women’s Sports

February 18th 2008

Q. You’ve been a big supporter of girls and women’s sports over the years and I’m curious where that all started for you?

A. I’ve enjoyed girls and women’s sports as long as I can remember.  I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to support girls and women’s sports over my lifetime.  I grew up with two younger sisters who at one time or another participated in sports.  My first “job” in sports was as the first women’s sports information director at Winona State University, and I followed that with a graduate assistantship in women’s athletics at the University of Tennessee. (more…)

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The Privilege of Working in Sports

February 11th 2008

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. I enjoy every aspect of what I have the opportunity to do daily, and for me, working in sports is more of a “privilege” than a “job.”

What I enjoy most are the people I’ve worked with over the years; the opportunities I‘ve had to teach and learn each day; and the unique opportunities my family and I have enjoyed together as a result of working in sports.
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Giants Super Bowl Victory

February 4th 2008

Q. How did you enjoy the Super Bowl?

A. I absolutely loved it. I actually didn’t watch the entire game, but I did see each of the scores and some terrific defense. What the Giants defensive lined did with pressuring Brady was very impressive. (more…)

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