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Join NACMA and Apply for Assistantship

February 27th 2006

Q. I’ve been an intern for two years, I love working in college sports, but I keep getting letters of regrets for everything I’ve applied for this year.  Is there anything else you can recommend to me?

A. This question was part of an e-mail I received this morning from an intern who has been working the last two years at one of the college athletic departments we work with and I provided two recommendations to her.

First, I encouraged the intern to become a member of the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators; better known as NACMA.

As a student (or intern) the annual investment for NACMA is only $25 and members receive daily news articles via e-mail on collegiate athletics; job announcements via e-mail; access to a listserv with all members frequently exchanging ideas and best practices; access to the member’s only web site resource page; a tremendous network of collegiate athletics professionals all across the country; and the opportunity to attend the annual NACMA Convention in June.

I’ve been a member of NACMA for many years and know first-hand the people and resources are the best in our business and it’s THE association for collegiate athletics marketing.  If you’re interested in collegiate athletics marketing, and you’re not a member of NACMA, I strongly encourage you to make the small investment today in a Membership.

The second words of encouragement I extended to the intern were to seriously consider applying for one of the many graduate assistantships offered in college sports today.

Graduate assistantships – which I was fortunate to experience at the University of Tennessee – offer tuition waivers and stipends, and some include health insurance benefits.

An assistantship can provide you with tremendous experience in collegiate athletics business operations, while you earn a Master’s degree and prepare for full-time employment following graduation.  Along with the experience, graduate assistants build a solid network of people from across the country.

The experience and network have greatly assisted graduates make a smooth transition into a full-time job in collegiate sports.

Your turn to take a swing…

What advice do you have for undergraduate interns looking to break into the business of collegiate sports?

All the best,

Ron Goch
The Telios Group

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