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Frequent Flyer and Frequent Buyer Programs

July 3rd 2006

Q. I’ve read stories the last few months about how frequent flyer programs aren’t what they used to be and how they’re more of a frequent buyer program versus a frequent flyer program. Do you feel the sports business could benefit much like airlines have from its frequent flyer programs?

A. As a frequent flyer I’ve read from time-to-time articles related to frequent flyer and buyer programs and fascinated by the success airlines have had with the frequent flyer programs.

This year marks 25 years since some of the first programs were launched and published an online story you can read here on how the various programs have evolved over the years.

Frequent flyer programs have proven successful and I know of handful of teams that have benefited over the years with frequent buyer (or loyalty card) programs. College sports have benefited greatly from priority points systems, which are similar in many ways to frequent buyer or loyalty programs.

If you determine or goals and objectives and structure your program accordingly you’re likely to see positive results.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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