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Selling Suites and Luxury Seats

August 31st 2009

Q. It’s been challenging selling suites and luxury suites in the poor economy. Have you come across anything unique that baseball teams are doing to create a unique experience and an attractive sell when it comes to suites and luxury seats?

A. The Chicago Cubs have created a unique and attractive offer with the Batter’s Eye Seats. The luxury seats are sponsored by Bud Light and are all-inclusive single-game tickets that include unlimited food and beverage, reserved seating, private restrooms, and breathtaking views of Wrigley Field for $165 per ticket.

You can follow this link for more information and pictures of the Batter’s Eye Seats.

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Variety of Partial Plan Examples

August 24th 2009

Q. Could you provide some examples of partial plans from various sports?

A. Here are six different links to partial plans from four different sports that include MLB, MLS, NBA, and NHL:

Houston Dynamo

Los Angeles Kings

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia 76ers

Phoenix Coyotes

Seattle Sounders

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Executing Mystery Fan Program

August 10th 2009

Q. What are your thoughts on sports teams using secret shopping companies (focused on sports and entertainment) to evaluate events and customer service?

A. It’s a terrific idea. Sports organizations should consistently evaluate their events and customer service with surveys, response cards, and periodic mystery fan event evaluations.

I’ve conducted hundreds of sporting event evaluations over the years and the detailed reports (more…)

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Events To Sell Season Tickets

August 3rd 2009

Q. What events would you recommend sports teams host to successfully sell season tickets?

A. Hosting events to sell season tickets is a great sales strategy. Events provide the opportunity for teams to invite hundreds of prospects to an event that could be two to four hours in duration, and it’s an efficient and successful way to sell a high percentage of season tickets to those who attend.

The fact season ticket prospects invest their time to attend your event is one of the reasons for (more…)

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