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Canned Food Drives Ticket Sales

October 29th 2007

Q. Do you have a best practice you could share for a sports team that not only used a canned food drive that helped drive single-game tickets, but also assisted with season ticket sales?

A. The Amarillo Gorillas of the CHL have partnered with the High Plains Food Bank and offer fans special discounts on single-game tickets with canned food donations, and also extend a $50 discount on season tickets with donations of 25 cans of food donated to the High Plains Food Bank. (more…)

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Tapping Into Existing Programs

October 22nd 2007

Q. We’ve had a debate among our staff whether we should start a new program or leverage – tap into – an existing program.  What is your advice when it comes to tapping into an existing program, or the benefits – drawbacks – to creating your own program from scratch to strengthen your organizations brand and identity?

A. I like to collaborate with existing programs where you find mutual benefits for all involved.  This is a great opportunity to both grow your business, as well as your brand awareness – while keeping the time commitment to a minimum. (more…)

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Leverage Baseball to Sell Basketball

October 15th 2007

Q. Could you offer a creative way to leverage MLB’s World Series to assist a basketball program with selling tickets?

A. Why not simply mirror the World Series promotion Taco Bell has put together that offers one free taco if a base is stolen in the World Series?  You create whatever prize you would like to offer – for example, a complimentary pair of season tickets – if a player steals a base any time during the World Series. (more…)

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Bobble Heads on Traditional Slow Nights

October 8th 2007

Q. Would you recommend a team give away bobble heads and other popular premium items on traditionally slow attendance nights in an effort to increase attendance and the season ticket holder show rate?

A. I’d recommend a sports team invest in attracting large groups and organizations with special ticket packages that could include bobble heads and specialty items, and unique experiences for a special package price. (more…)

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Halloween Ticket Promotions

October 1st 2007

Q. Halloween is fast approaching and wondering if you could provide an idea or two for ticket sales promotions?

A. Please check out this link posted last October in The Telios Group Question of the Week, as well as two posts in the Telios Tips blog on Halloween events.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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