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Presenting Sponsor of Team’s Anniversary

August 27th 2007

Q. Has a sports team ever created a special anniversary year celebration and signed a title or presenting sponsor for the festivities?

A. The University of Florida celebrated 100 years of football during the 2006 season, and the celebration – which included a different celebration theme each home game – was presented by Gatorade. (more…)

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Ticket Sales Strategies with No Schedule

August 20th 2007

Q. Each year the question is raised why we don’t sell tickets year round, and the answer is usually because we don’t have a home schedule.  How can we sell tickets during the off season when we don’t know dates or opponents for the next season?

A. Many sports teams take season ticket deposits, and then once the schedule is finalized, they host a select-a-seat event or simply make follow up calls to lock people into seats and collect their remaining balance. (more…)

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Song Lists for Sporting Events

August 13th 2007

Q. Is there a website, book, newsletter or another resource that lists popular songs that would be beneficial for college athletics when choosing songs for sporting events?

A. Years ago I had the same question and a friend referred me to The Green Book of Songs, which proved to be a great resource for music.  The Green Book of Songs – whether you choose to purchase the book or access online – has over 112,000 songs.  You can chek out the website here.
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Strategy Exchange Between Arts and Sports

August 6th 2007

Q. How could sports benefit from what the arts commonly do and how could the arts benefit from what sports commonly do?

A. Some arts programs could benefit by applying the aggressive and creative strategies college athletics applies with its scholarship donation programs, and college sports teams could benefit from applying the early selling of season tickets the arts applies each season. (more…)

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