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A Twitter Ticket Special Example

February 23rd 2009

Q. Could you provide an example of a college athletics program that has used Twitter to promote a special ticket offer to their fans on Twitter?

A. The Oregon Athletics Department recently posted a special Twitter ticket offer for Ducks tweeps that was good for a $10 GA ticket to the Ducks men’s basketball game against Stanford. Fans were provided a special link (click here) where they could enter “TWITTER” as the promotions code.

If you’d like to follow the Ducks on Twitter to see their ticket offers first-hand and other ways they utilize Twitter, the Ducks user name is @GoDucksdotCom. My Twitter user name, not surprisingly, is @RonGoch.

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Best Experience as a Fan

February 16th 2009

Q. As a sports business consultant, you likely attend many sporting events. What’s the best fan experience you’ve had so far this year?

A. Just last week, prior to the NBA All-Star break, I had the opportunity to attend the Jazz-Lakers game, and it was an excellent overall experience.

I enjoyed the pre-, in-, and post-game events, promotions, game, entertainment, and customer service.

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Should Children Receive a Free Ticket?

February 9th 2009

Q. We’ve been discussing and debating whether we should admit children for free in an effort to fill empty seats, as well as attract paying adult customers. Is this something you’d recommend college and pro sports teams consider implementing, especially with the struggling economy?

A. It’s a great question, and my answer wouldn’t be the same for all college and professional sports teams. Taking into consideration the fact a sports team is struggling to fill seats, as you’ve shared, college and professional sports teams have enjoyed successful children’s ticket promotions for designated theme nights for years. (more…)

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College and Pro Sports Teams on Facebook

February 2nd 2009

Q. Last week you provided a list of teams and mediums on Twitter. Could you please provide a list of some of the college athletics and professional sports teams that are on Facebook?

A. Here are three college athletics departments, three professional teams, and three sports league presently on Facebook (including number of friends for each as of Feb 4, 2009):

Three College Athletics on Facebook: Florida Gators: Over 35,000 Friends; Georgia Athletics: Over 35,000 Friends; Ohio State Buckeyes: Over 44,000 Friends. (more…)

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