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Tips for Successfully Multi-tasking

May 23rd 2006

Q. As a ticket sales executive, I’ve always sold group ticket sales.  However, I’m in a new ticket sales role and have both season and group ticket sales goals this year, and with the desire to achieve my full season goal, my mini-season goal, and my group ticket sales goal, I’m finding that multi-tasking is a little challenging. What quick tips would you recommend for successfully multi-tasking?

A. The first thing I’d recommend you do is make sure you get an early start to your day. Sometimes all it takes is starting your the day one hour earlier.

If you can arrive before the rest of the sales team arrives to the office, it’s amazing how much more you can get done before one of your co-workers joins you in the office.

Multi-tasking and time management while working in sales can be challenging if you don’t have a daily plan before you walk in the door.

I encourage executives to layout their plan the evening before whenever possible. Know the calls you’re going to make and the tasks you’re going to accomplish, and you’ll be surprised how well you’ll sleep, and the fact you may even accomplish one or two things on your list as you sleep.

Additionally, set specific times in your day to address each area of your sales. If you don’t already schedule specific calling times, meeting times, and email check times (versus checking email as each message arrives in your box), I encourage you to have a daily plan that addresses these areas.

Finally, when someone comes into your office or cubicle unannounced and would like to visit, schedule time to meet with them versus meeting at that moment.  Remain focused on your daily schedule and determine the best time to meet with that person later in the day or the following day if necessary.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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