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Thanks for visiting Question of the Week

October 17th 2009

Thank you for visiting the “Question of the Week” blog.  I’m no longer posting to the “Question of the Week” blog.  If you’re interested, you can see The Telios Group tweets on Twitter here, ticket sales and retention tweets here, and my personal Twitter entries here.  I also have a Facebook Page with quotes, video and story links here. Thanks again for visiting the “Question of the Week” blog.

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Value of Blogs Versus Status Updates

November 10th 2008

Q. What are your thoughts on the value of blogs versus social network status updates?

A. I’ve been blogging since 2006, posting hundreds of entries over that time.

I’ve only been involved in online social networks this year, and in all that time, I haven’t posted a “status update.” (more…)

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Question of the Week

July 9th 2007

Q. I noticed you switched from a “Question of the Day” to a “Question of the Week.” Is there any particular reason?

A. I asked for feedback from friends, associates and those who read our blogs on how I could improve, and the feedback I received encouraged me to move from a daily posting format to a weekly posting format.

In addition, I received feedback and requests to dedicate one blog to ticket sales and services only, so that’s something we will look to accommodate in the months ahead, along with other ticket sales-related resources. (more…)

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Finding Time to Blog

June 12th 2007

Q. Why do you blog as much as you do and how do you find time?
A. I enjoy blogging for numerous reasons. One, I’m a life-long learning, so I’m constantly asking questions, reading, and seeking to learn something new…or a new way to do things. (more…)

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Do You Write Your Own Blog Posts?

September 29th 2006

Q. Do you personally respond and post to all your blogs, or do you have an assistant or staff member who assists you with each of your blogs?

A. Yes, I write and post each of the blogs you read here as well as each of our four other blogs.

I enjoy the opportunity to answer questions, provide information and exchange thoughts, ideas and best practices others have shared with me.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Recommend a Blog

September 28th 2006

Q. I’m starting a business and wondering if you think a blog is worthwhile for someone who’s just getting his business going?

A. Blogs, along with podcasts, have become very popular and they’ve proven helpful for entrepreneurs establishing credibility in the marketplace, and also provide a forum for customers and prospective customers to get to know you. Blogs have also proven to be a great resource for readers.

So I’d encourage you to develop a blog. You can post in writing or simply podcast each of your blogs from virtually any where in the world. Choose to do what works best for you and your schedule, and simply have a conversation with your readers via the blog posts. Enjoy your experience!

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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