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Taking Work Home

November 26th 2007

Q. Last week you provided some good advice for better time management.  Any tips on how to leave work at work instead of bringing it home?

A. This can be a tough challenge to overcome for many people – including myself – and some feel the need to vent or seek advice from their spouse or partner when they come home from a stressful day at the office. (more…)

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What Can We Do For Manly Men?

January 24th 2007

Q. I read The Telios Group blog post “Real Manly Men Aren’t Afraid,” and although your blog – unlike the Question of the Day blog and the Telios Tips blog – isn’t always about sports, I thought I’d pose the question, how can we use sports to extend this public service announcement and inform and educate through sporting events?

A. Great question and a great opportunity! Since my blog post yesterday in The Telios Group Blog, I visited the National Cancer Institute web site where I found several links to resources and facts, as well as information on prostate cancer screening and testing. (more…)

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