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Leverage Partnerships to Build Database

January 12th 2009

Q. Do you have a best practice example of a college athletics or professional sports team that has successfully created a quality enter to win contest to increase its ticket sales lead list?

A. There are many great examples of college athletics and professional sports teams successfully leveraging their corporate partnerships to build its prospective ticket buyer database.

The University of Florida Athletics Department recently sent to its eNewsletter subscribers the Alltel My Circle Hoops Getaway enter to win contest where the winner and 10 friends would have the opportunity to fly on a private jet to a college or professional basketball game.

You can click here to access the contest landing page, the video outlining the contest, the list of prizes, the online enter to win form (contestants can also text “JET” to the number featured; once each day), and the contest rules.  It’s very well presented.

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