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Sports Teams Apply Variable Ticket Pricing

May 18th 2009

I read an interesting story in The New York Times regarding how baseball teams are using variable ticket pricing, similar to airlines and hotels.

The article offers some great insights on how the Giants are using software that “weighs ticket sales data, weather forecasts, upcoming pitching matchups and other variables to help decide whether the team should raise or lower prices right up until game day.”

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Create an Entertaining Experience

February 21st 2007

Many people believe lowering ticket prices will increase attendance, but it’s far from the best way or the most profitable way to fill the seats.

Offering your fans a unique and entertaining experience, and providing flexible full and partial ticket plans, along with group ticket experiences will prove to have a much more positive impact on your attendance and bottom line.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Packers: No Season Ticket Increase

March 30th 2006

The Green Bay Packers have decided not to increase 2006 football season ticket prices.  The Packers waiting list – which totals over 71,000 people – has more fans than the capacity of Lambeau Field.

For those of you who are in the enviable position of being sold out, do you have a waiting list, and if so, how many people do you have on it?

Having a waiting list is comparable to planning for a rainy day, or having a rainy day fund.  The Green Bay Packers likely will find themselves utilizing their waiting list, and it’s terrific they’ve planned many years in advance for a day when they may need to use it.

Your turn to take a shot!

How many of you have a waiting list or a deposit form on your web site?

Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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