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Family Value Day

August 27th 2007

The summer and fall seasons are the seasons for fairs and festivals, and the Utah State Fair is offering a neat Family Value Day where youth ages 12 and under are admitted free (which could also be an opportunity to tie in a sponsor to underwrite tickets) and adults get in for the youth price.

The adults receiving the youth price on family value days is a great strategy for offering families a discount. (more…)

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Protected: Free Lesson Thursday

August 20th 2007

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Offer Next Year’s Season Tickets

August 13th 2007

The performing arts offer its season tickets for the next season during the season they are performing.  In other words, theatres are offering 2008 season tickets – complete with a list of the 2008 shows and dates – now.

What if sports teams did the same?  For some, it may not be possible to promote the complete home schedule with opponents and dates, but most teams know what conference games they will host, and have the majority of the non-conference schedule solidified, so why not promote season tickets for next season during this year’s season? (more…)

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Selling the Upgrade

August 6th 2007

While traveling on business, and depending on the airline I choose, I’m either offered a complimentary upgrade based on mileage accumulated, or I’m offered the opportunity to pay an additional fee to upgrade.

The upgrade is presented via the computer, the check-in kiosk, at the check-in ticket counter, and if premium seats are still unsold prior to the flight, passengers are greeted at the gate with a public address announcement inviting passengers to purchase a seat upgrade. (more…)

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