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Mom & Me at the Zoo

April 30th 2007

While reading the newspaper, I came across an advertisement promoting “Mom & Me at the Zoo.”

It caught my eye as a neat event for kids and their mothers, and strategically timed with Mother’s Day approaching.

The event will include games, face painting, entertainment, a frozen treat from an ice cream sponsor, and arts and crafts. (more…)

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$1 Hot Dogs a Big Hit

April 27th 2007

A sports team couldn’t entice me to come to a baseball game for a hot dog, but my kids are a different story.

The local triple-A team – the Salt Lake Bees – offer $1 hot dogs every Wednesday game this season.  It’s a great offer for fans as well as a sponsorship opportunity, and I discovered a sports team offering $1 hot dogs – even though I don’t eat hot dogs – could entice my kids to a game, who in turn would entice me to drive them to the game! (more…)

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Get on the Train

April 26th 2007

While attending a Salt Lake Bees baseball game, the triple-A affiliate of the Los Angles of Anaheim, my daughter and I had the opportunity to play in the “Fun Zone,” which included a kids moon walk and a large play ground, and also take a train ride.

With nine innings of baseball, the “Fun Zone” and train ride – five passenger cars that could accommodate 10-12 adults and kids – were both well received by my daughter and a great way to mix a long game with some fun kids activities. (more…)

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Use Coasters for Branding and Selling

April 25th 2007

While flying from Salt Lake City to New York this week, I received a coaster with my beverage versus the napkin I typically receive on flights.

The coaster not only displayed the Delta Air Lines logo, but also $25 annual membership discount for Delta’s VIP lounge, the Crown Room. (more…)

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Cubs: How Far the Baseball Flies

April 24th 2007

When a Cubs player hits a homerun, WGN encourages viewers to write down how far the baseball flies, send in the distance and they could win two round trip tickets from Southwest Airlines if their name is drawn and they have written down the right distance. (more…)

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Hotel Offers Upgrade Opportunity

April 23rd 2007

I booked a hotel room reservation for a business trip to New York City and when I received the email confirmation, it stated: “Premium rooms may go unsold and can be offered at check-in for as little as $15 extra per night.”

Although I was not interested in a premium room, I couldn’t help but think how this simple offer could be extended to sports fans by ticket box offices every day, yet the tickets fans buy are usually in the location they’ve requested. (more…)

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Cats Barnstorming the State

April 20th 2007

The University of Kentucky Athletics Department has put together a neat promotional campaign called Barnstorming the Cats that any athletics department or sports team in or near rural areas could duplicate.

Those college athletic departments and sports teams in cities and suburban areas could alter the Barnstorming the Cats promotional campaign to include roof tops, building walls and/or streets where teams can paint their school/team logo, slogan, website and/or other information.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Braves Offer Designated Driver Program

April 19th 2007

I recently attended an Atlanta Braves game and came across a table on the concourse where the Braves and the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety teamed to present a designated driver program to fans attending home Braves games.

Team Georgia is a safe and sober driving coalition, and you can view a Braves PSA on the Team Georgia website and additional information on the various safe programs involving prom, holidays and venues. (more…)

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The 10th Inning and Fifth Quarters

April 18th 2007

So the only time you’ve ever heard of a 10th inning is when a baseball or softball team goes into extra innings, right?  Well, 10th inning also has another purpose besides playing extra innings.

The 10th inning for some college and professional baseball teams is also an opportunity to offer fans a chance to receive autographs from their favorite players and coaches. (more…)

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Founding Member of the Cubs Club

April 17th 2007

The Chicago Cubs, which happened to be my favorite baseball team, are unquestionably one of the most storied franchises in all of sports.  It all started back on February 2, 1876 – that was the founding of the Cubs, along with seven other National League teams.

All these years later, the Cubs have created the “Cubs Club” and I’m proud to say I’m a Founding Member.  The neat thing is our youngest daughter, who also loves the Cubs, is also a Founding Member of the Cubs Club.  That’s because this year is the first year of the Cubs Club; a great idea and likely a Club with a very long membership list. (more…)

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Always Be Recruiting All-Stars

April 16th 2007

I’ve heard associates say “You should always be recruiting,” but recently I finally internalized this best business practice and felt motivated to pass it along to you.

Don’t wait until a staff member leaves or until you’re forced to make a staffing change to start looking for the next super star. Instead, recruit every day. (more…)

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Come Early and Stay Late

April 13th 2007

Sports teams seem to always be looking for creative ways to get their fans to the arena or stadium earlier, and one arena football team is addressing both opportunities.

In a newspaper advertisement, the football team is encouraging fans to “come early” and “stay late” with a variety of fan experience programs. (more…)

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Leverage All Media Exposure

April 12th 2007

All sports teams advertise, but not all of them do an excellent job of leveraging and cross-promoting its advertising. 

A handful of minor and major league sports teams, as well as college athletics, cross-promote across all their mediums and include name and logo recognition for all their media partners in each of the media outlets.


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Protected: Create A Fan Club Seating Section

April 10th 2007

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Don’t Share Confidential Information

April 9th 2007

I’m amazed how many people choose to discuss in a normal to loud voice a company’s business problem (or the results of a meeting they just had) while sitting on a plane getting ready to take off.

It happens more often than businesses would like and it surprises me people don’t use more discretion while talking on a cell phone aboard a packed plane. (more…)

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Protected: Nuggets Offer Family Plan for $59

April 6th 2007

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Identify Opportunities and Receive a Cookie

April 5th 2007

While staying in a DoubleTree Hotel, I came across a neat way the hotel is encouraging their guests to look for opportunities on how the hotel can improve.

A wall sign near the elevator read:

“Wanted!! (more…)

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Offer Value Ticket Packs

April 4th 2007

The Colorado Rockies are offering Coca-Cola Value Packs to 19 home games this season. The offer is similar to the popular family four packs that many sports teams offer, but the Rockies Value Pack doesn’t mention “family” in their value ticket offer.

Each Coca-Cola Value Pack, which are $49 apiece, offer fans four field level outfield box tickets, four hot dogs, four Coca-Cola fountain drinks, one parking pass, and one game program.

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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Protected: Arena Football League 101

April 3rd 2007

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Learn to Live Together

April 2nd 2007

Today’s Telios Tip comes from a quote I read this past weekend.  I don’t know who the author is, but I like it.  Here it is: “We could learn a lot from crayons: Some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others are bright, some have weird names, but we have to learn how to live in the same box.”

Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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