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Deep Discount on ’08 Kids Club Pack

December 15th 2008

The Cleveland Browns are offering a 25-percent discount on its 2008 Kids Club while promoting its 2009 Kids Club. It’s a great way for the Browns to clean out their Kids Club closet and sell all their remaining Browns Kids Club packages before the end of the year, and it makes a nice stocking stuffer for Browns fans.

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Featured Merchandise Item of the Game

May 15th 2007

Do you offer a featured merchandise item of the game? Recently while attending the a Dallas Mavericks First Round Playoff game against the Warriors, I noticed in the game program they offered a Nowitzki authentic jersey as the featured item of the game.

In addition, they promote the featured item of the game to its season ticket holders, and reminded them they can receive a 15 percent discount on Maverick’s merchandise at the Fan Shops at American Airlines Center and at NorthPark Center by using their season ticket holder I.D. card. (more…)

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Create a Season Highlight DVD for Fans

February 1st 2007

If you watch ESPN, you likely have viewed the Sports Illustrated commercial where they feature – as they do each year – a National Championship offer, and this year it’s the Florida Gators.

The offer was available immediately following the National Championship as if ESPN knew the Gators would defeat Ohio State. However, it’s likely they created one spot for each, and whoever won the game, they were prepared to run the commercial. (more…)

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Online Summer Sidewalk Sale

July 26th 2006

I recently received an email alerting me to an online summer sidewalk sale.

Although this email didn’t come from a sports team or college athletics department, I did think of the two and asked that great question “Why Not?”

Why not annually offer a summer sidewalk sale and include a special discount to your fans on team merchandise?


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