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Try Twitter Search for Research

March 23rd 2009

I’ve traditionally used Google for online research, but lately I’ve been using Twitter Search and it has proven to be very useful.

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, here’s an easy to follow video – Twitter In Plain English – to explain what Twitter, and get you started with the micro-blogging social network.

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Great Resources at Your Fingertips

August 25th 2008

Today’s Telios Tip is a simple one, yet one I don’t see sales people do on a consistent basis when I join account executives for meetings with prospects.

Regardless of the meeting or how much preparation and research I’ve done, I always look for newspapers, magazines, brochures and handouts whenever I go on a sales meeting.  In fact, I do the same wherever I visit an office, whether it’s a sales meeting, one of our kid’s events, or a doctor’s appointment. (more…)

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Consistently Do Your Homework

March 22nd 2007

Why is it that kids don’t like to do their homework? I’m not talking about school homework, which my kids do a much better job keeping up with than I ever did. I’m referring to pre-meeting homework sales executives need to do in order to successfully execute a meeting with a prospect.

I’m amazed each week at young sales execs – fresh out of college – lack of consistency in properly preparing for sales meetings with prospects. (more…)

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Do Your Homework

February 22nd 2007

Do you thoroughly research each of your prospective clients before you pick up the phone and/or meet with a prospect, or do you have a general idea who you’re calling or meeting with and you don’t feel as though you need to thoroughly research a prospect?

Many sales executives choose to by-pass the thorough research route, and than are confused why their sales meetings with prospects don’t go as well as they expect. (more…)

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How Well Do You Know Your Competition?

May 4th 2006

How well do you know the sports organizations and what they offer in your market? Have you researched each of your competitor’s web sites? Have you attended their events? What are they doing better than your organization? What could you learn from your competition?

If you don’t have the answers to the above questions regarding your competition, I encourage you to invest the time today to address each of these questions.

Have an awesome day!


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