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Three Book Recommendations

January 26th 2009

I have three book recommendations I encourage you to take a look at and hopefully you’ll find as beneficial and enjoyable as I did.

The three books are: “Little Teal Book of Trust,” by Jeffrey Gitomer; “Willie’s Way,” by Phillip Van Hooser; and “The 29% Solution,” by Ivan R. Misner.

Three books covering trust, customer service, and networking best practices.

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Initiate and Engage in Collaborations

January 19th 2009

One of the most positive elements that has resulted from the down economy is the increase in strategic alliances, joint ventures, and more companies and individuals participating in collaborations.

If someone conducted a survey to total the number of business alliances and collaborations prior to the downturn, it’s safe to say the number of collaborations now has increased significantly.

In addition, social networking is also substantially on the rise with Facebook outpacing everyone on the social scene, as well as businesses utilizing Facebook profile pages and groups. LinkedIn, primarily a business network that added groups last year, is leading the business social networks, and Twitter – a micro- (more…)

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A Time and Project Management System

January 12th 2009

I have the opportunity to work with some amazing and talented sports executives around the country who are eager to be successful each day.

The challenge many times for executives – and I’ve found this true with veteran execs as well as those just starting out – is that many have not learned how to successfully manage their day so that they prioritize and (more…)

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Protected: Enter-to-Win a Party Suite

January 5th 2009

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