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A Great Atmosphere And A Great Game

April 27th 2009

Los Angeles Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said that playing an NBA Playoff game at Energy Solutions Arena was a lot like attending a rock concert.

I was in Energy Solutions Arena for Game 3 between the Jazz-Lakers and Coach Jackson was spot-on when he said the arena is so loud, it’s like being at a rock concert. It may have been a basketball game, but the place was rocking!

As I watched a packed arena of fans standing, clapping and cheering as the Jazz came from 13 points down to win by three in the final seconds, I kept thinking to myself, “This is why I enjoy sports so much,” and “This is why I wrote “Create a Sellout.”  There’s nothing quite like a sold out sporting event, especially a closely contested sold out event.

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Leverage Your Home Sporting Events

December 29th 2008

It amazes me how many sports teams choose to host the majority of its events on non-game days, and don’t fully leverage each home game.  In some cases, teams actually make it a rule to avoid “game days” because the feeling is there’s already a long list of things to execute on games days.

There certainly are advantages to hosting events at corporate partner locations, as well as hosting selected events on non-game days for those teams that don’t permit coach or player interaction with fans on game days.  There’s also a great opportunity each home game to host events that simply cannot be replicated (more…)

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Hand-Held TVs for AmEx Holders

August 20th 2007

I predicted some years ago to an associate how I thought sporting events would likely change from simply sitting, watching and cheering to a more interactive experience.

The way technology has changed video games, I predicted at the time that fans in attendance at a sporting event would be able to view the game with a hand-held, feel the reverberations from the action on the court or field, see replays from their hand-held, and feel what it would be like to catch a pass from a quarterback. (more…)

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Season Ticket Holders Take to the Track

July 5th 2007

In baseball, some teams allow its season ticket holders the opportunity to run the bases.  In basketball, season ticket holders usually have an opportunity to shoot a free throw on their favorite team’s court.  Football teams usually host its annual meet the team event on the field where players sign autographs.

So if you’re a motor speedway, what “experience” do you offer your season ticket holders? (more…)

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Offering Your Fans Attractions

June 22nd 2007

What makes your sporting events an “attraction?”
Every where I turned in Orlando last week, I read the word “attraction” on billboards and signs as well as in newspapers, magazine and brochures.

Every theme parks, theaters and even the restaurants seem to be an “attraction.” (more…)

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Breakfast with the Birds

June 14th 2007

We recently received an email from Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, which I learned from the email is only one of two public aviaries in the United States (the other is in Pennsylvania), and the email was an invitation for the annual “Breakfast with the Birds.”

The “Breakfast with the Birds” is a fun fund-raising event to help the Aviary feed and keep the birds healthy and happy. (more…)

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The LeBron James Grandmothers Fan Club

June 12th 2007

We often hear about the thousands and thousands of youth playing basketball, who are fans of the NBA, and wearing their favorite player’s jersey.

Rarely, though, do we hear or read about senior adults – let alone senior women – forming a fan club to support their favorite NBA player, but that’s exactly what Alder Chapman did when she founded the Akron-based LeBron James Grandmothers Fan Club, which has almost tripled since April, from 24 to nearly 70. (more…)

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Random Ticket Draw for Ryder Cup

June 8th 2007

Are you interested in attending the 2008 Ryder Cup? I had no idea they conduct random ticket drawings – similar to the NCAA’s Final Four ticket drawings – but I read here that the Ryder Cup will be played in Louisville, Kentucky Sept 16-21, 2008.

Fans are able to enter now through Sept 30, 2007, and the drawing will be conducted in Oct and winners will be notified in Nov. (more…)

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Sign of the Game

May 29th 2007

At Game Three of the NBA Western Conference Finals between the Utah Jazz and the San Antonio Spurs in Salt Lake City, where the Jazz won 109-83, the best sign of the game was the one held by a Jazz fan that taunted San Antonio’s Tony Parker.

The Spurs point guard is engaged to actress Eva Longoria, who stars on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives.” The sign read, “Parker, U Play like a Desperate Housewife.” (more…)

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Illinois Still Celebrating Illini Madness

September 12th 2006

Many colleges used to celebrate Midnight Madness as a way of tipping off the collegiate basketball season, but fewer schools are hosting a “midnight” event to start the 2006-07 season.

Like so many schools, the University of Illinois is hosting an event to tip-off the season, but it won’t be at midnight. The doors open for the Illini Madness at 8 pm and the event tips off at 9 pm.

The weekend of Oct 13-15 is being billed as IlliniFest with a football game, the Ilini Madness event, and the volleyball team hosting two home matches during the weekend festivities.

Ron Goch, The Telios Group
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Gatorade Two-a-Day Safety Donation Day

August 17th 2006

With this summer being one of the hottest in recent memory, check out this neat program being offered by Gatorade in collaboration with the NFL.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Quick Change Artists

August 15th 2006

If you’re looking for one very entertaining halftime performance for your fans for your next sporting event, click here to view video from a TV show where people said, “Hey, I have talent!” and the judges decide if they do or do not have talent.

When this couple performed their act, there was no question. Everyone was floored; a great performance. Enjoy.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Fans Have Opportunity to Manage Team

June 19th 2006

Did you hear about the Schaumburg Flyers, an independent baseball team near Chicago, agreeing to allow fans to manage and make team decisions during the second half of the season?

The promotion is very similar to Bill Veeck’s Grandstand Managers’ Day promotion he implemented in 1951.

Since Veeck’s innovative promotion, many high school and college sports teams have allowed fans to “make the call” at various sporting events, but I haven’t heard of fans managing a team.

You can check out the Flyers “Fan Club: Reality Baseball” promotion here.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Create a Memory

May 12th 2006

I recently was listening to a radio interview and heard an event manager say “We’re in the memory business. We want everyone who attends our events to go home with a special memory.”

This is similar to how I view events, and I’ve described it as creating an excellent event experience versus creating a memory. I like “creating a memory” better than “creating an excellent event experience.”

It’s simple and succinct.

Just think…if everyone in your organization has the objective to create a memory for your customer – each day, at each of your events, and with each interaction with a customer – you and your associates would be creating a lot of lifelong memories for your customers, and in the process, lifelong fans.


Ron Goch, The Telios Group 

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Mud Hens Give Fans Championship Rings

April 6th 2006

With the recent Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Championships, I found it interesting to read about how the Toledo Mud Hens – a great nickname for a triple-A baseball team – will celebrate its 2005 championship this week when they open the 2006 season tonight.


You can read here about all the details on how 2,000 fans will randomly receive their very own replica championship rings on Fri, Apr 7, and how 5,000 children will receive Championship Moments card strips on Sun, Apr 9, and a pair of Hens – well, not really “Hens,” but Hens “players” – will sign autographs before the game.

Additionally, all fans in attendance at tonight’s Mud Hens home opener will see the team raise the Governor’s Cup Banner, and have the opportunity to see the Governor’s Cup on display at the game.

What other activities would you recommend for a championship week celebration for any team sport?


Ron Goch, The Telios Group

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