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Season Ticket Holders Take to the Track

July 5th 2007

In baseball, some teams allow its season ticket holders the opportunity to run the bases.  In basketball, season ticket holders usually have an opportunity to shoot a free throw on their favorite team’s court.  Football teams usually host its annual meet the team event on the field where players sign autographs.

So if you’re a motor speedway, what “experience” do you offer your season ticket holders?

Well, if you’re the Memphis Motorsports Park, you provide your season ticket holders the opportunity to drive their vehicles on the track!  That’s right, season ticket holders can drive their car or truck on the Memphis Motorsports Park track.

Over 200 season ticket holders took their vehicles on the track and it had to be an experience of a lifetime for the Memphis Motortsports Park fans.
Ron Goch,
The Telios Group
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