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The Power of 3 Little Words

January 28th 2008

I receive hundreds of email communications on a daily basis, and like many of you, some good and some not so good.

I try to pass along to family and friends those messages that I believe are worth reading, may have an impact, and hopefully will contribute in a positive way to the recipient’s day.  That’s the goal anyway.

I don’t always succeed, but more times than not I receive many positive responses to the email communications I send to friends and family. (more…)

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I was Taken Advantage of Last Weekend

January 21st 2008

Have you ever felt like someone took advantage of you?

Well, there’s no question I was taken advantage of this past weekend, but the funny thing is, I loved every minute of it!  Let me clarify what I mean.  Our youngest daughter demanded my time and I was happy to comply. (more…)

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Slow Down to Enjoy Each Moment of Life

January 14th 2008

This poem – “Slow Dance” – was written by a teenage girl who is terminally ill with cancer in a New York hospital and it was sent via email by a medical doctor.

The teenage girl wants to see how many people she can touch with her poem.

It’s quite the poem and a great reminder to each of us to slow down and enjoy life one moment at a time. (more…)

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A Little Girl’s Search for a Miracle

January 7th 2008

I received via email one of those inspiring stories that makes you stop and say to yourself, “Wow, I wish more of this took place today and received more widespread media attention than the negative press we see, hear and read about each day.

Here’s the story and I hope most of you enjoy it as much as I did: (more…)

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