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I was Taken Advantage of Last Weekend

January 21st 2008

Have you ever felt like someone took advantage of you?

Well, there’s no question I was taken advantage of this past weekend, but the funny thing is, I loved every minute of it!  Let me clarify what I mean.  Our youngest daughter demanded my time and I was happy to comply.

It first started with a daddy/daughter night on Friday that included bowling, dinner and a trip to the local bookstore.  We had a blast.

Saturday included her basketball game (I assist with coaching), team pictures, another trip to the bookstore (we love reading), and then back home for some time on the Wii where the rookie (that would be me) was defeated in every game we played.  It was evident who has been working a lot more than playing on the Wii.

Yesterday was awfully special with our youngest daughter singing a solo in church, and she did very well.  She was nervous but you wouldn’t have known it from her performance in front of our church family.  Her smile at the end of the song was priceless!

When we returned home from church, I snuck downstairs and turned on a football game, but our daughter and her friend decided they wanted to also be downstairs.  I was fine with that until they started playing music that was drowning out the sound of the football game.  That’s when the pillow and Nerf ball toss between me and the girls broke out, and a whole lot of laughter ensued.

So all-in-all, when I normally would have “attempted” to “balance” work projects with family time, my daughter did a nice job of showing me how to successfully “balance” family time with work…which to her means a lot of play time for me and her, and very little time for me and work.

I must admit, although I love what I do for a living, I had a blast this past weekend, and hope our daughter tries to take advantage of me and my time again this weekend!
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